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Top five agricultural mobile apps 2017

The world’s population is expected to reach 9.6 billion people by 2050 and to feed them all, we must elevate our agricultural produce by 70 percent. Here is how mobile app developers are contributing their bit, thereby, pushing the smart farming concept. 

From antiquity to eternity, if I ask you to name one industry that hasn’t lost its relevance at all, what would be your answer? Google it, refer to any book or take help of a friend or do whatever choices you have, but I’m sure, you will not get any second choice. In fact, I’m referring to Agriculture, the industry with 7.4 billion consumers and growing.

From ordering a pizza to finding a home, for everything, there is an app. Though the app economy is rising exponentially, consumers are more empowered and businesses catering to their needs, more efficient, the agriculture sector and its farmers didn’t get the desired attention. In this article, I’m mentioning top 5 agriculture apps that are transforming farmers to next-generation entrepreneurs.

1. CCMobile App

Tracking health metabolic metrics and delivery of a parcel is a norm but this app goes beyond it. Interestingly, this time for farmers. Actually, “CC” is an acronym for ConnectedCrops and the app, compatible with Android and iOS, tends to connect farmers with their crop. The users can read the environment metrics like temperature, humidity, wind velocity and moisture remotely. They can also compare those metrics over a period of time, say weekly, fortnightly or monthly to assess the status of their crop. The sensor readings are available through SMS / email alerts, graphing and historical data.

Key Benefits

* Optimized crop management

* Better preparedness to temperature inversion

* Timely irrigation and harvesting

* Better produce

You Can Find the App Here

Google Play  |  Apple iTunes

2. Spray Guide

Ensuring the right composition, viscosity or consistency of pesticide or other agricultural solutions is important. The app calculates everything, viz, the amount of solute, the amount of solvent, the mixing time and the spraying areas so that you get the best value from your investment. The app is compatible with Android, iPhone and iPad. Users can share their experience including data and results with others over their social accounts.

Key Benefits

* Reduced human error and accidents

* Better compliance as set by manufacturers

* Save time and efforts

* Quality produce

You Can Find the App Here

Google Play | Apple iTunes

3. IFFCO Kisan

Offered by Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO), the app is dedicated to farmers of India. They can seek advice from agriculture experts and scientists and explore its library to know about crops, agriculture cycle, agriculture field preparation, water management, disease control and agriculture proactive actions.

They can also know about the commodity trade prices across various food and vegetable marketplaces in India and access weather forecast ( temp, RH, rainfall possibility, expected wind speed & its direction in the set preferred location) on their phone.

Key Benefits

* Reduced resource consumption

* Better preparedness to tackle unforeseen situation

* Better yield

* Easy access to marketplace

* Better income with reasonable market prices

You Can Find the App Here

Google Play | Apple iTunes

4. AgMobile

From making the soil right to the plantation to manuring and irrigation, to harvesting and monetizing the produce, the app is to help you at every stage. Take stock of weather, related forecasts and maps, watch live commodity market prices and seasonal comparison, and capture news that can affect your agricultural endeavor on the go. The data or insights are derived from Barchart and Successful Farming. Also, learn commodity trading skills and listen to crop advisor, grain merchandiser, analyst, or broker, etc.

Key Benefits

* Better insights to take the right action

* Informed usage of fertilizer and pesticides

* Quick access to agro subject-matter-expert

* Better yield

* Improved produce and better income

You Can Find the App Here

Google Play | Apple iTunes

5. MachineryGuide

As the name echoes, this is to assist you with using the farm equipment for various purposes like soil cultivation (cultivator, rotator, roller, etc.), sowing, manuring, planting, fertilization, pest control, produce sorting, harvesting, irrigation, etc. precisely. The app graphically explains how to make the optimum use of the devices and keeps a watch on them via GPS connectivity.

Key Benefits

* Meticulous use of farm equipment

* Timely action based on weather forecast

* Better yield

* Easy access to experts and marketplace info

* Improved produce and better income

You Can Find the App Here

Google Play

This is just the beginning. The fight against hunger and towards a better tomorrow must continue. We must come forward and lend a helping hand to farmers who are leading the battle to ensure that no child on the planet goes to bed without food, no mother endures the pain of asking her child to do so, and no farmer takes the extreme step to quit the field or the world.


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