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How to control the intruders entering through your solar electric fence

Many House owners and businesses people are Planned solar fencing to keep intruders out, but weaknesses in solar fencing designs allow criminals/intruders to get through or over these barriers and enter into the property.

How the Intruders are entering into property.

Experts said that criminals frequently climb over solar fencing and enter into the property, because due to they are out of order or are not switched on are not installed well.

Now a days Criminals are very clever. They know that if an electric fence doesn’t make that little click-click sound between the barriers, it’s probably off. Or if the wires are hanging loosely with out poper mantanices all over the place, it’s broken or not working.

Intruders use a method of hitting an insulator or two off the bracket, or strike the fence wires with a piece of wood to break some wires along the solar electric fence.

They then retreat and wait to see if there is any response. If there is no response after the alarm stops, they attempt to enter the property.

Criminals also throw rubber mats – like a car floor mat – over the fence to climb over. This may trigger an alarm if the fence is correctly installed.The using a blanket to get over an electric fence will not work with a well designed and installed fence.

How to create a safer property with solar electric fence.

Perimeter use an electric fencing, preferably in combination with razor wire or another barrier to get over.

Make sure your power fencing has an alarm, coupled with an armed response company.Install sensor beams in your yard which will set off an alarm. It may scare the criminals away and serves as an early warning system.

Install cameras, if possible infrared cameras. It will give you valuable information about the criminals.

Use sturdy, strong burglar bars and security gates. Avoid cheap stuff you buy at some hyper stores – it is child’s play to a criminal.Keep your gates and doors closed. Open security gates leads to nasty surprises.  Inside the house, use additional security gates between living and sleeping areas to create further barriers.


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