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Top web development trends in 2018

Top web development trends in 2018

Wednesday February 28, 2018,

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  Web development is getting advanced in every second and 2018 will be no different. The trends in web development sometimes change faster than that can be implemented.

Reports shows that every year web industry undergoes a certain amount of change and create newer and exciting business solutions.

Staying updated with the latest web development trends and explore the web industry. It will help developers to provide their clients with the latest and trending designs instead of outdated ones. In this article, we have listed some of the top trends that will expected to have major impact on web development in 2018.

• Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

• Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

• Static Websites for Online Content

• Single page websites

• Photo Content

• PHP 7

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Mobile apps account for 89% of total mobile media time.

The Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are web based application that take advantage of the features of an internet browser, with a mobile application interface. It can actually appear users like a mobile application but are truly a web pages or website.

This technology has many advantages, such as the ability to work offline, virtually no load time , good reliability, and the ability to receive notifications.

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

A chatbot is a computer program based on the advances of machine learning and natural language processing that assists people in completing some tasks. Stay Connected with users is more important. Chatbot is a written or oral conversion software. They can answer the most common questions. Bots provide help in Q&A form, providing for a more human-like experience. Moreover, the incorporation of bots is considered to be the future of mobile apps and web development

Static Websites for Online Content

Static Websites are becoming the web development trend in 2018. Static websites are safe, load quickly, cheap and can be developed easily. They are now much more advanced than the first static sites, they can satisfy the needs of different types of businesses.

Single page websites

These websites are designed like a one long webpage. Navigation is based on scrolling or using links to get the desired section. The biggest advantage of this type of website is simplicity. There is no complex navigation or deep menu to traverse. And the design works well on mobile devices, where scrolling is a common navigation method.

The advantage of this type of website design is its simplicity. There is no complex navigation or deep menu to traverse. And the design works well on mobile devices, where scrolling is a common navigation method.

Photo Content

A good Photo doubles the rate of conversion. The value of good photo content is higher in website design and development. The great product photos were in high demand to help create conversions simply based on the story an image told. It will be the key to success on the internet in 2018.


Unlike PHP 6, the newest version brought up multiple changes, which make it truly revolutionary. The release of PHP 7 brought up new features, functions, classes, interfaces and global constants. The latest update of the PHP framework is a recognized web development trend in 2018.


Web development industry are changing web development every day. These New frameworks, design trends, user expectations, and mobile developments can be used to attract and retain customers.

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