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When Dreams Come True

This is a story about how two friends meet, one had the brains & Other had the money!

We are all one story away from having a completely different life. There are so many things in life that we all regret doing, like drinking the hot coffee too fast or saying mean things to people or sending a text to your mom that was clearly meant for your friend. But everyone is not as understanding as your mom and most people don’t forgive and forget easily, but it stings most when one is constantly being reminded of their past mistakes.

Shreyas used to work at the Big Green Door. He was an avid learner but due to the paucity of resources he could only study up-to grade-10. He was hardworking and a keen observer too. He used to work day in day out. One day while serving the guests he came across a boy who used to be his classmate in school. There started an evolution.

“Resham! Is that you?” He exclaimed, overwhelmed that he was to see him years after they both last met. He couldn’t hide his happiness. However being in a group of “elite” friends Resham completely ignored him and acted as if he didn’t know him at all. Shreyas understood what was going on and astute that he was, he withdrew. He felt lost, dejected and disheartened. But this wasn’t the ending. The tables were about to turn.

Later that evening while going back home from work, Shreyas again saw Resham. Recalling what had happened during the day he did not pay heed to his presence and kept on moving. Lo and behold! All of a sudden, Resham called for him and hugged him. Shreyas was both shocked yet moved. He wanted to push him aside, after the day’s humiliation but stopped when he saw that Resham had burst into tears. What followed was a life changing moment.

Resham recited his story to him. With his father’s money, he got the highest possible education but could never actually achieve anything big in his life. He was a mere puppet caught up in the enigma of life. “What you saw in the afternoon, was the fake Resham, who is pretentious and snobbish.” He began telling him, how he had all the money in the world but he couldn’t ever put it to use. He had a group of gold-diggers as friends and his family considered him a dud. He needed a remedy. During school days, Shreyas had always acted as his Good Samaritan and his buddy needed his support again. But this was something big.

Shreyas had the brains, Resham had the money. Working in the cafe for years, being hedged by students always, keenly observing their behaviour, Shreyas immediately knew what his buddy needed to do. Innovation was something life had failed to drain out of Shreyas.

This is what Shreyas proposed. The cafes around North Campus had a huge foot fall of students studying in DU. He had noticed how students behaved. There were some who used to come just to eat, there were others who wanted a place to simply sit and talk for hours, others who were fond of playing board games while they ate and many looking for quick take-aways. All these were separately covered by different cafes; however no single cafe offered them all. Eureka! This realisation gave birth to the “DeeStuCee.”

Resham though initially sceptical about the idea later decided to give it a try. Shattered as he was, this seemed to be his last hope. That is how it started. Resham would gain respect and Shreyas? Well, he would earn his soul back.

They started with a cafe which was segmented into different departments depending on the interests of the consumers. People who wanted to come and spend time doing tête-à-tête, could be in the “Chat over Coffee” segment where they would sit, relax, treat themselves with snacks, it was a very affordable section. Then there was the “Gourmet Section” Which would serve the most appetizing food and had a very tranquil ambience. It served great food, and then there was the gaming area which was filled with all kinds of group board games such as Scrabble, Othello and what-not. People could eat and have some fun here. There was a drive-through section too. All in all DeeStuCee was for everybody.

DeeStuCee was a hit! The duo successfully launched it & it immediately became popular. Within months, Resham gained the lost respect and for Shreyas, well, for him humiliation had turned into a gold-pot. He would bask in the glory of this success for all his life. “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” Both of them proved John Lennon right. However, no ending is ever real. It’s just the point where YOU stop the story.


Tanvi Joshi ( 9654057726)

Shrey Deepum (9910046043)

College : SRCC, GBO, 1st year


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