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Hiring, training, and retaining good people for your company


With every going business, the need for new employees is always on the rise. So, you need to hire the best people for the job on a regular basis. Once you have hired them, you need to be sure that they will be in a position to give their best. For this, training is important. If you have invested your resources in an employee, it is even crucial to retain them.

Hiring, training, and retaining are three different tasks to be carried out. We aim to guide you with the necessary tips to achieve each task successfully.

For your convenience, let's divide this article into three parts.

Part 1: Hiring the best employee for the job

Part 2: Training them to give their best

Part 3: Retaining them for the good of your company

Part 1: Hiring the best employees for the job

Hiring an employee is a responsibility and you need to look at a number of areas before hiring an employee.

1. Plan your staffing needs: Before hiring a new employee, analyze your department staffing needs and review your budget. Along with this, verify the accuracy of the job description and check whether it accurately reflects the functions of the job.

2. Open and post a position: This will help third parties use their applicant tracking system effectively to shortlist candidates for the desired job description. Remember, they will screen the best-qualified candidates for you, but you fulfill your responsibilities as a hiring manager.

3. Prepare to interview: You should prepare to interview in advance with a set of questions focusing on job-related qualifications. Here, identifying open-ended questions and analyzing the qualities will help.

While interviewing candidates, select a quiet and private area and schedule interviews at the appropriate time. Also, before you and the interview, give the candidate enough time to ask questions and clear their doubts.

Those shortlisted should be ranked based on their qualifications, work experience, skills, and education. This will help you rate them and be sure that you’re selecting the best candidates for the job.

Part 2: Training them to give their best

With the right steps taken to hire the best people for the job, one should not assume that training them is an unnecessary expense or procedure. Remember that they are new recruits to your company and there are many things they do not know or will find it difficult while working in the office.

So, make sure that you’re training them to not only help them be comfortable with the process but also find comfort while working in the office. For this, the following points should be kept in mind.

1. Choose the right people to train new employees: Training is a responsibility, and you need to be sure that you have delegated the task wisely. In this case, you might have to educate the trainers as well. Let the trainers know that they have to enter the new hire in a way they feel motivated and positive about being a valuable resource for the company.

2. Create a safe learning environment: Creating a non-threatening environment for learning will ensure that the trainee will establish a strong bond and will be at ease while engaging in conversation with the newcomer. Here, it is even important to be sure that you’re treating them with respect. Respect is one of the most important things, and if you’re not giving them respect, you cannot expect them to give the best.

3. Give them the necessary tools to succeed: In many companies, resources are restricted for the use of permanent candidates only. This can be irritating at times because training might even give the best and if they are not allowed to use the resources they need at the right time, it might make the task difficult for them, and they might not be comfortable while working in the company. So, give them the necessary tools to succeed and instill confidence in them at every stage.

4. Eliminate unnecessary roadblocks: Usually, it is said that training is a phase where every employee can be tested by placing a number of roadblocks in their way with the intention of making them stronger. However, cursing them and spreading negativity around them is no way in which you can find the best in them. So, eliminate unnecessary roadblocks and focus on segmenting the training in a way that you boost their confidence.

Part 3: Retaining them for the good of your company

If you have tried your best to hire and train the best people for the job, you’ll need to work equally hard to retain them. To retain good employees, there are certain tactics to be undertaken.

1. Offer competitive benefits package depending on your employees' needs: There are certain employees who wish to include life insurance and even a retirement savings plan as a part of the benefits package. Others might ask for telecommuting, fixable working hours, while some look for accommodation. However, everyone wants Health Insurance. So, depending on the name of your employee, give them a competitive benefits package.

2. Give them small perks on a regular basis: Something special on every Friday or pickup and drop facility while meeting a client can be a perk that will make your employee feel good. Remember, it is usually the small things that make a big impact, and your employees will appreciate it and be willing to stick around for a long time.

3. Promote them: If they are working hard and you know how valuable their efforts are, it is important to encourage them to keep working hard for the benefit of the company. For this, you need to promote them to a post they deserve.

4. Give them a salary hike: Promotion is the best form of motivation, but if it is not possible, a salary hike will do the trick. While hiking your employees’ salary, make sure that the raise is a considerable amount.

Hiring, training and retaining are tasks that can be troublesome for many startups. However, you can let companies like CISIN take the responsibility on their shoulders and handle the efforts for your IT needs for a month or project.