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Soft skill training needs to get evolved!!!

Every technology or system needs to evolve with respect to current trends and requirement.If not it may become obsolete

Every body is saying now a days that we must be good at soft skills to get employable.At some point of time its true.But my question is does the way of our soft skill perception is evolving or its is the same as it was decade back.Everything now a days is evolving, mobiles getting faster RAMs,television getting sharper images,robots replacing humans,technologies getting online(cloud),education becoming 24x7 available and many more.Lets talk about Soft skills it is imparted in the same manner as it is used to be in good old bad days.The only thing which evolve is the expectation out of it.Its increasing day by day.The interviewer expect that the resource being interviewed should be up to the mark with respect to his soft skill.So here comes the gap which is creating a big confusion and pessimism about soft skills.As per my research and finding there are approximately 87 soft skills need to be taught and required by any interviewer. We can club this 87 soft skills into following broader area of soft skills.

1) Communication skills

2) Leadership

3) Influencing

4) Inter-personnel skills

5) Personal skills

6) Creativity

7) Professional skills

The soft skills should be the basic requirement for every kind of jobs or employment under the sky. It traces the good part of human in everybody.Looking to current scenario of un-employability of College graduates specifically engineering graduates,the evolved soft skill imparting/training strategy needs to be incorporated in curriculum in each semester.So the question is what shall be the evolved form of Soft skills education would be?The Current strategy of soft skills training involves the following points :

1) Currently it is not structured and intended for the mass audience.

2) It is always imparted in a large groups which contradicts our intention of individual development.

3) Its more learning based rather than performance based.

4) Its always regarded as an associated/extra part of our education rather than being a integral part of our education system

The evolved soft skills training may involve following points:

1) It must have to be structured and highly specific depending on the need and applicability.

2) More emphasis should be to individuals rather than going with groups as it is more a individual trait or character.

3) Evolution always support performer and not more to learner.

4) It should be amalgamated with our current education system providing the same value as other educational parameters.

5) Cloud based/Online approach can be followed to sustain individual approach.


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