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Sharing Becomes Easier with the Launch of MOKSHARE!


September 2016, Bangalore. “The More You Share, The More You Have!” Great people say that you can multiply our happiness by sharing things with others. The main motive of our Mokshare app is to simplify the process of sharing, thereby helping people to multiply their happiness. If you carefully look at your home, you would find many things that you used long before, but you are hardly using it now. You have to spend long hours and a huge sum of money on taking care of those unused or less used objects. Our Mokshare app gives you an awesome platform to share, exchange, rent, borrow and sell your goods. Our app is available for various mobiles. Mokshare is available in app store, play store as well as for windows phone.


“Sharing is Caring” If you are one among the people who waste a huge amount of money in maintaining the unused resources, then mokshare would be a great boon for you. You can make money out of that unused resource rather than spending money on it. You can easily post an ad in the Mokshare platform, that too for absolutely free of cost. You can share your unused resources with the people who are in need of it. You can even share your resources for a particular period of time like 15 or 20 days. You can come across various advantages while coming across this mokshare app.


You can lend your resources to people who are in need. You can provide your vehicles while you are out of the station, which would be beneficial for you in two ways like making money even while you are away, preventing your vehicle from being dust filled. In the similar way you can borrow the resources you need from the people who possess those resources.


Mokshare also allows you to exchange your products with each other. Assume that you own “Half Girlfriend” book and you have completed reading it. Now, you are in need of “Two States” book. You can find someone like you who is in need of “Half Girlfriend book” who may possess “Two States” book in our Mockshare app. You can easily exchange your book with the other person for a particular period of time like 10 to 15 days or even for a prolonged period of time.


This Mokshare not only helps you in making a huge sum of profit from your less used or unused resources, but it also helps you in enlarging your friendship circle by maintaining a healthy sharing relationship with your friends and neighbors.


The people who are lending their resources may charge some cost, but Mokshare doesn’t even cost a single penny for your transaction. That’s too cool… right?


Mokshare provides a completely safe and secure environment that facilitates sharing of resources that used less with those resources that you may need. By adding a resource to the Mokshare inventory, you can have the entire control to choose the type of community you wish to lend or share that particular resource. You can either choose your friendship community and make your ad visible only for your friendship circle or you can make it public. In Mokshare, the entire control is yours!


“Mokshare helps customers to save resources and live in more connected society.! is the slogan of our startup. We solely work in providing an environment for peer to peer sharing, borrowing and exchanging of goods. You can filter your search with respect to your state and city. We provide you a wide range of classification of products with respect to various domains like Automobiles, Mobiles, Tablets, Books, Household things, Furniture, Kids, Sports things, Musical instruments, coupons, Movie tickets or star show tickets. You can refine your filtering with respect to the domain and make your searching process easier!” says our founder.

You can feel free to share any sort of goods and resources with different communities that too free of cost with the help of ‘Mokshare’.

“Count your blessings! Share it with others! Multiply your happiness!”


Website : www.mokshare.com

Email : support@mokshare.com