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Top 10 essential rules for success

"When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful." - Malala Yousafzai

Rule No. 1: Never Sit Idle

It is advisable for everyone who want's success in his/her life is, don't waste Time. Do always occupied yourself doing some activity. Keep Moving because when you do something, things & situation get change.

Rule No. 2: Practice makes us Perfect

Keep doing things repetitively unless you become perfect in that, because when you do something, either you will succeed in it or you 'll fail, so whether you succeed or fail, you need to let it happen's & should focus on strengthen your practice.

Rule No. 3: Keep move Forward

Mistakes are essential part of life, Do mistakes but learn from it. Don't become egoistic when you achieve something great. Make habit to do the right things but don't stick with it. Grow Up !

Rule No. 4: Adapt Change Quickly

Nothing is stable permanently, you are bound to change according to the situation. If you don't, you will collapse. You need to learn how to adapt the change quickly.

Rule No. 5: Be Cool & Happy in all Situation's

Develop your basic nature to be happy in all Situation's & never regrets for anything in your life, because regrets always show you which you didn't get in life but happiness will give you the reason to enjoy everything which you are having in your hand.

Rule No. 6: Honesty is the mantra to success

Your intention must be good for all. You must be honest for everyone & also for yourself. It does not matter what are you doing or not & what you have achieved or not, if your intention is good, it will reflect in your eyes & people can feel positive vibration's & you will definitely get what you deserve.

Rule No. 7: Attitude is everything

Don't wait for the right time, Create it. People with right attitude have capabilities to see potential in all problem's. You must be able to see an opportunity when you face any kind of problem. Develop a positive attitude & see how your life get change.

Rule No. 8: Know your Strengths

Give importance to you right job & don't underestimate your Strengths. You are capable enough to achieve everything in life what you desire. You just need to feel & realize your actual potential & start work on it.

Rule No. 9: Believe in Yourself

It hardly matter's what others think. This is really very important to understand what you think about yourself because when you feel good for yourself, that positivity & energy will reflect in your action.

Rule No. 10: Never Give Up

Everything is possible to achieve in this world once you decide to make it possible. People must develop a habit to try things again & again till it is accomplished. You should not give up because of one failure instead learn from it & try again with more energy & see you will get it.