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My Weight Loss Journey

My Weight Loss Journey

At the age of 40, I had everything I could conventionally dream of: a supportive husband, two great daughters, and a fulfilling career. I was, however, hurling full-speed down a slippery slope: I was gaining weight rapidly as a result of an indifferent attitude towards nutrition and health. I could not see how my carbohydrate-heavy diet (of rice, desserts, breads, etc.) was deeply problematic; portion control was not a thing. I was blissfully unaware of the damages that come from such a lifestyle.

Two years later, I was tipping the scales almost at the 200lbs mark. Realizing that a drastic change was necessary, I started learning about nutrition for the first time in my life. I started exercising regularly and the extra pounds came off slowly; I eventually even got “fit” and yes, started to look better.

What I did wasn’t anything out of the ordinary: I started counting calories and fuelling the body with the most nutritious foods (and nothing more). I also exercised six days a week (sometimes twice a day). I didn’t have any surgeries, take “fat burning” supplements, follow a fad diet, or rely on meal replacement shakes to lose weight. It wasn’t a miracle; it was hard work in the gym and constant mindfulness in the kitchen.

I have learned more in the last five years than I ever thought possible and I’m talking about it here, one post a time—every lesson I’ve learned from losing over 60 pounds. This is my knowledge about weight loss, nutrition, weight maintenance, and the entire journey along the way (including thoughts of depression and anxiety). I want to share with you what inspires me daily, how I moved away from binge eating and which healthy recipes satisfy cravings without the guilt.

My blog, jayashreeprakash.com is a respectful space where we talk about all these issues in a helpful manner. I invite anyone who wants to embark on the gratifying (yet challenging) journey of lifestyle changes to join this community!