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An Overview Of Back Pain


Back pain and its relevance are of utmost importance in today’s time. Back pain has become a lifestyle disorder in the times of sedentary lifestyle and poor posture. If we look at the statistics of back pain and then its effect on the population, then it is noticed that about 3 out of 4 people suffer from pain disorders of back either it can be the neck or the lower back. The neck pain and low back pain are inter-related. As we all are aware that spine is a continuous structure starting from the skull to the tip of the tail bone.

Let’s throw some light on the anatomy of the spine and the relevance of back pain with poor lifestyle and your sedentary lifestyle. The spine is an S curved structure when seen from sideways and is a straight continuous structure when viewed from the front. The spine starts from the skull and ends at the tip of the tail bone. The spine consists of some very crucial components that shapes the structure of the spine.

These can be enlisted as:

• Spinal segments or the spinal bone

• Discs

• Spinal nerves

• Spinal cord

• Spinal Muscles

There are about 31 spinal segments arising from the neck till your lower back. The neck consist of 7 bones, 12 in the upper and mid back while 5 in the mid and lower back, 5 segments that are fused with each other in the lower back and 1 coccygeal or tail bone that is known to be a vestigial bone that is non functional in humans. The basic function of these segments is basically to provide a framework to the human body. These segments serves as the base point for the attachment of the muscles and protect the inner most spinal cord from any kind of damage.

The discs are present between the spinal segments in order to reduce surface tension and to prevent any friction that may arise between the bones decelerating its wear and tear. But disc is the most vulnerable region in the body that is the reason for the back pain.

Spinal cord runs in the vertebral or the spinal canal. The spinal cord gives rise to spinal nerves at every spinal segment that carries all kinds of stimuli like sensation, strength to the respective body part from the brain. The spinal nerves are the most sensitive structure of the spine. The disc compresses the neural structures which can cause back pain.

The spinal muscle forms the support structure of the spine. These support and provide the mobility to the spine to perform its activities. The inefficiency of these muscles to perform adequately is the root cause of lower back pain in majority of the cases and hence improving their ability can prevent individuals from such complaints. There are so many spine clinics available today which provides Back Pain Treatment in Delhi, Mumbai and many other cities. 

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