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Moshik's-Yummy Homemade Chocolates

India’s first homemade Chocolate brand which is Trademark Registered and ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

Chocolates is the one stop thing that no one can hate. Chocolate market is on a rising trend, which cant be avoided with time, its demand keep on rising whether its a branded, local or handmade one. The new entrepreneurs had entered into the chocolate field also to give it a better shape. Moshik's is India’s first homemade Chocolate brand which is Trademark Registered and ISO 9001:2008 Certified. I got a chance to take interview of the Founders of Moshik's Mr.Mohit Kumar Jain.


How does your startup work?

MoShik’s is India’s First Homemade Chocolate Brand which is ISO 9001:2008 Certified and Trademark enrolled both. We work on Customized/Personalized Chocolate Gift Hampers delivering the product across India.

How did the idea come to start? 

We love travellig during one of our visit to south Indian Cities Ooty and Kodaikanal, we found that homemade chocolates are found everywhere their but no organization was present. So we decided to take this as an organized business setup in Northern India and give it a branded name.

What are the key features of your startup?

MoShik’s Homemade Chocolates are 100% Pure Vegetarian, Fresh & hygienically prepared, made without Adding any Extra Flavors Such As Gelatin (FAT JELLY OR PIGS SHIT), Dissoluble Chemicals, etc & also non alcoholic.

How are you different from the existing ones? 

First point is that MoShik’s Homemade Chocolates are 100% Pure Vegetarian, Fresh & hygienically prepared, made without adding any extra flavors such as Gelatin (FAT JELLY OR PIGS SHIT), dissoluble chemicals, etc …non Alcoholic and second point is that we work on a branded segment. We have created a brand name of our chocolates and we continuosly work on improving our products/services and no compromise in quality at all

How much amount of funding have you raised till now?

We have raised Zero funds till now. As it is a self funded business till now and we are going at a decent pace.

What are the Challenges your startup faced while setting up the business?

The gap period between our first and second order was 6 months, which was easy enough to make many entrepreneurs quit, but we did not quit and we focused on growing the business. Results came for our efforts and right now our product is being sold in 60+ E-Commerce platforms across India

What is the market size and market opportunity?

The market size of chocolates are tremendous. The success of our company MoShik’s’ shows us that the trend is changing and entrepreneurs from other parts of the country are also trying to get their share of India’s chocolate market which is worth about Rs 7000 Cr and expected to double in the next 7 to 8 years.

What are the traction details (like how many users, app downloads, clients, present status and future plans)?

Right now at least one person in 292 places in India(Villages and Cities) spread across 28 States/UT has tasted MoShik’s Homemade Chocolates. My plan is to atleast one customer in 325 Places by December-2016. We have many corporate clients in the field of Investment Banking, IT, pest Control and many other fields. We have aggressive plans to associate with best corporate giants to take the gifting part to a new height as we have a USP in Corporate Gifting

How people appreciated your idea?

When people message us/leave a review for us on social media or in front of us that is the biggest compliment for us.We have received great reviews from majority of cour customers/clients till now and are working hard towards more customer satisfaction.

 What advice you want to give to the new entrants in this space?

Be Passionately Curious, Never feel disappointed and work hard towards your Idea.always trust the almighty God and success will kiss your feet.May be it might take some time but it will happen. In LIFE you never fail, either you succeed or else you gain experience. Failure is not their.Never.And what is called as failure is the stepping stone to success.

Any interesting quote about your venture?

Yummy Homemade Chocolates

The difficulties you faced and how you tackle?

People are the only obstacle in successful entrepreneurship for everyone.If you overcome the LKK syndrome (Log Kya Kahenge),then you can achieve massive success,otherwise you cannot may you be super rich or super talented.We listen to all and follow just our heart.Simple

About Team Truck MoShik’s

Our Biggest Motivation are my younger brother and my six month old son. Me and my wife our the founders(Mohit and Shikha).My wife looks out for Production/Graphics Team.I look out for Marketing/Purchasing Teams. My father(Mr.A.K.Jain) is our legal and financial Advisor and my Mither(Smt.Nanda Jain) is our Business Manager followed by few helpers locally/few distributors nationally.

Founders of Moshik's Mohit Kumar Jain and Shikha Jain