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A Vibrant Business Collaboration Platform to Catapult your Entrepreneurial Dreams into Reality !!!


While travelling across India - it's a universal phenomenon to come across sights of untapped business potential or commercial resources which almost certainly could have been better leveraged.  A manufacturing unit being run at half of its capacity, could have easily offered shared capacity to other individuals who are slogging to get though the dozens of permissions required to set up your own manufacturing unit OR A young man running a fabulous Tibetan restaurant in Kolkata , could have had groomed a franchise across India and made a fortune OR Those dozens of startups hoping to find an investors would not had perished waiting for funds. There are hundreds of places which you wished you owned a piece of land to develop in to an offbeat tourist destination.

However, to translate these ideas in to actions - almost always, is perceived to be a daunting task. This resistance steams from a lack of eco system which could have enabled people to SEEK what they desire AND to PUBLISH what they have to offer. As of today, largely people rely on intermediaries who may have some contacts to the resources they either need or want to capitalize- however, this approach seldom brings the results, let alone being extremely time consuming. 

A striking absence of a business collaboration platform in the entrepreneurship eco system - leads to omnipresent hurdles in the lives of millions of aspiring and enterprising individuals across the country. Innumerous opportunities & entrepreneurship surges stay dormant perennially waiting for that Midas touch of a business intermediary to bring their business vision into reality!! This unorganized - inefficient intermediaries based businesses matchmaking system had to be replaced with an efficient &  reliable  business alliance & networking podium to craft dreams in to reality.

A means had to be developed to catalyze entrepreneurs and making it seamless to collaborate - a platform which would in essence, be an enabler with conviction to give wings to every individual and entity aspiring to pursue entrepreneurial ambition by active matchmaking within the requirements & availability ! This very need has given birth to BIZNOX. 

BIZNOX facilitates a compellingly strong ecosystem to Start - Grow - Expand - Diversify - Liquidate - Franchise - Collaborate & Capitalize Businesses and promotes entrepreneurship by letting all members free access to advertise Startups, Seek funding, Share Resources, Invest, Enter JV, Buy or Sell Business and much more! This new platform has made "business", an achievable aim for millions of aspiring Indian urban and rural youths and businessmen alike and is poised to be 'an epicenter for entrepreneurship & enterprise' in India. With 11 distinct categories catering to Business Entities, Entrepreneurs, Individuals from all walks of domains including Agriculture, Rural, Manufacturing sector and Woman centric initiatives, now every aspiration and every business dream with or without resources or funds, can still pursue his/ her ambitions. 

Broad spectrum of entrepreneurship landscape :

BUY & SELL BUSINESS  Advertise & Search Businesses to Buy / Sell/ JVs 

VENTURE CAPITAL - STARTUPS Publish your Startup Concept or Model - Seek & Provide Funding 

FRANCHISING   Suitable Business Model For & As Franchise

ENTERPRISING INDIVIDUALS: Individuals with Ideas / Resources

INDIA BUSINESS SETUP  Services to start Business or Division  

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE  Business Services Marketplace 

WOMAN ENTREPRENEURSHIP  Woman centric businesses

MAKE IN INDIA   Manufacturing Based Opportunities 

RURAL BUSINESS   For Rural areas and Class D cities 

AGRICULTURAL BUSINESS  Business opportunities in Agriculture 


 Apart from propositions to buy and sell businesses, or franchising/ startup propositions, a workable proposal could be as simple as "Desirous of operating any business branch in Kochi with minimum investment" OR "A graduate with 15 years experience in liasoning is interested to join any venture on equity" . Its time we start realizing the potential of 'individuals with intent and desire' to add value in business eco system beyond monetary investments.

The capabilities provided at BIZNOX, traditionally have been forte of the top league of consulting & business advisory firms. It's time to unleash the potential of business collaboration to the SMEs which has virtually untapped & abundant prospects for optimizing their true business potential.

In line with the resurgent Indian economy and young demographic population, the entrepreneurship potential in India across the geographies is on the cusp of getting unleashed. BIZNOX is distinctly positioned to assertively catalyze entrepreneurship in India - a proposition that can rarely be matched in commercial potential as well as social substance. Its time to make most out this opportunity to collaborate and get started with the business of your dreams !!!



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