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Clear Braces Pure Beauty

Technology today is amazing. There are very little people that know about clear brace technology. Your traditional metal braces are equally effective for creating that beautiful smile that you long for. Yet, it is not very appealing. 

Tired of your crooked teeth!

Always been very self-conscious about your smile and wondered if cosmetic dental treatment would help!

Ready to change your appearance, then invisalign is exactly the answer that you are looking for!

If your answer is yes to all of the above, then it is time to say yes to this modern approach in straighten your teeth. Get the smile you want with invisalign instead of the old fashioned metal braces.

Everyone deserve a million dollar smile to flash to the world. Unfortunately, for those that have uneven, crooked or gapped teeth, a beautiful smile is impossible. Orthodontics will change your aesthetic appeal while improving your oral health.

The solution to straighten your teeth without wearing metal braces is known as the invisible orthodontics. With this treatment you will have a choice to wear a clear appliance sometimes also removable to align and straighten your teeth.

This option is very favourable with adults that have a professional career. Especially as you don’t want to wear the unsightly metal braces for long periods of time. With invisible orthodontics that is very highly advanced the time of treatment is shorter. However, time frame will depend on each case individually.

The benefit of this treatment include:

Straightening your teeth in a shorter period of time

Alignment of teeth, bottom and top jaws

Hiding your braces from any untrained eyes

A feeling of confidence when speaking or socialising in public

With the removable devices you will be able to remove them when eating or for any special occasion to fit in with your lifestyle.

Remember the importance of straighter teeth is also healthier teeth. With a proper aligned bite and straightened teeth, it will lessen the areas and gaps where food can get trapped and a build up of plaque can form on the teeth that will cause decay.

Taking all this in consideration, invisible orthodontics should be a long-term investment for oral health.

For early treatment

By the age of seven, enough of the permanent teeth are already in and the jaw have grown enough for the orthodontist or dentist to identify any current problems. They can also anticipate any problems in the future. Thus, they can alleviate concerns of the parents’ if everything is normal.

The first incisors and molars that are permanent usually come out by the age of seven and any crowding, crossbites, or injury-prone development of dental protrusions can be evaluated.

Some habits or signs that might indicate a need for early examination of orthodontic:

When babies lose their teeth too early or too late

When they experience difficulty with biting or chewing

With breathing through the mouth

Sucking of the thumb or fingers

Either misplaced, crowding or blocked out teeth

If the jaws make a sound or shift

If they bite the roof of their mouth or their cheek

When the teeth don’t meet at all or abnormally

When teeth and jaws are not in proportion with the rest of their face

It’s wise to make an appointment with the orthodontic specialist by the age seven. It enables the specialist to evaluate and detect any problems. If necessary they can advise about treatment required, as well as when will be the best time to treat the patient.

Treatment for adults

At any age healthy teeth might move. Most problems with orthodontic could be corrected easily either with children or adults. The force produced with orthodontic move your teeth the same way in both children of age twelve and adults of age seventy-five. Special treatment plans might be needed for an adult with a complicated factor like the lack of jaw growth.

About clear braces

Invisalign is known as clear braces. They use custom made aligners of clear plastic that will fit over the teeth. These look like whitening trays.

Both orthodontists and dentists recognize invisalign as an option that is viable to straighten patient’s teeth. These braces will realign your bite and teeth slowly over a certain period of time.

You will have to change them approximately every 2 weeks, so that it can carefully be adjusted to your teeth with comfort and ease. With each aligner tray that is custom fit to your mouth, they will slightly adjust it to straighten and shift your smile.

These aligners made of clear plastic will fix mostly any issue that a metal brace treatment will do. However, it comes without any of the drawbacks that is associated with metal brace devices.

They are made of a BPA-free plastic which makes them safe to wear every day. These clear braces are customized to fit your teeth. It is very comfortable while you pursue your normal routine.

Besides the fact that invisalign clear braces are virtually invisible, there are additional benefits. These include your dentist visits as they will be shorter with the absence of the metal wiring. They offer the convenience of replacing and removing it when you drink, eat, floss and brush your teeth. You can also view the virtual representation of results and the treatment plan prior to starting the process.


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