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Bir Billing - Experience Paragliding

Camp Oak view and Paragliding

One of the best adventure experience of paragliding and camping at its best at Oak view

Looking for adventures in India and just read about Paragliding and found Bir Billing as best place for paragliding in India, researched in tripadvisor more and contacted many person for stay options and paragliding there. But finalized with Travel Bir Billing for Camping at Camp Oak view after reading wonderful reviews about it and Paragliding session for 7 of us. 

Camp Oak View

Reached Bir and transferred to Camp Oak View for stay, where camp is located 5 km inside the forest. Tents were very clean, super clean toilets and amazing food served at Camp. Bonfire with light music in backdrop make our stay very relaxed and comfortable. We hiked to sunset point to nearby local house. 

Morning after breakfast drive for another 16 km for paragliding take off point which took almost 1 hour. Paragliding take off point is located at 1430 mt from sea level. Our flying team was headed by Mr. Arvind Paul who is amount the top pilots of India and considered as most experienced pilot of Bir. He is only chief fying instructer who is also fying, others are just handling flights from ground with other pilots. Arvind is travelling with team in most of the flying to ensure safe take off. Team is registered with Himachal Tourism and seems very experienced. Geared up in next 10 mins and with the instruction of run run and run, just in 2-3 steps in air. Amazing views from air of valley and snow covered mountains. Landed safely at Chougan which is a 1330 mts from sea level. Amazing experience of camping and paragliding at Bir Billing. Will travel again to learn paragliding with Travel Bir Billing Team.

Paragliding at Bir

View of paragliders from Chougan Paragliding Landing area

Camp Oak View inside tent

Camp Oak View tents with amazing amenties 

Take off from Billing

Just after paragliding take off, Billing is considered as safest destination for paragliding as wind here is favorable for easy flying