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New step towards Digital Marketing


The new age internet became an experiment ground for various innovative applications - like Social Networks, E-Commerce, Mobile Apps, Video Channels, Photo Sites, Search Engines and so on. With the inherent free nature of internet, these applications become quite compelling - mobilizing large users - leading to their explosive growth on internet. Facebook, for instance, claims 1 Billion+ users across globe today. Twitter claims over 100 million active users per month with 250 million tweets a day.

To exploit the internet age we at PiChakra, provide products and solutions which enables effective deployment of digital marketing services.

Our core focus is to help our client with internet marketing - SEO (on-page and off-page), email marketing, internet advertising - adwords, adsense, bingads, social media marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing, mobile app development, business analytics which includes search analytics (traffic analytics), marketing analytics (social media & advertising analytics), sales analytics (sales conversion analytics). 

Audience Analysis

It is very important to ensure that you are building a relevant audience, hence its important to assess your audience growth and compare this with your competitors on a regular basis.

Content Analysis

Creating and sharing content is an expensive task. On a regular basis you need to analyse your content (type of content – Video, pictures or test; mix of content etc) to see what’s working/not working.

Sentiment Analysis

This is a very critical aspect of social media and to understand the buzz one need to analyse positive, negative, or neutral mentions of your product or service.


Typically you will want to generate traffic back to your website from content you share and you’ll need to measure the impact of that traffic on lead generation and sales.

Engagement Analysis

It is also important to monitor, because you expect varying degree of engagement by your audience for the content. If wrong content or the wrong audience then you will see no one is engaging with your content.

You need to understand your audience which could be typically one of the following:

Tepider – People that monitor what you share but don’t interact.

Influencer – People that have access to a larger audience and have the potential of influencing this audience.

Engager – People that are more active in your community

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