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6 Simple Tactics of An Effective Mobile App Development That Can Help Your Business Grow

Follow these 6 Simple Tactics of An Effective Mobile App Development That Can Help Your Business Grow. Here are some mobile development tips that can help your business to expand.

This phrase is a true reflection of the current business/enterprise need to develop a mobile application to support their business.

Mobile applications are the latest method of digital marketing. Marketing strategies like e-mail marketing are time-consuming and the possibility for a user to click on your e-mail to go through your content is unlikely.

However, thanks to smartphones, it is really simple to grab the attention of the users by sending push notifications that will be displayed on the screen consistently. With a worldwide service and ability to serve the customers 24*7, the impact a mobile app imparts on a company’s growth is extraordinary.

While working on a mobile application it is really important to keep the customers engaged and satisfy their needs. However, it can sometimes be a hectic task for a business to force the users to access your application on a regular basis. There are many mobile app development service providers which can make your work easier. Here are some mobile development tips that can help your business to expand:


“The first impression is the last impression”.

Your user will decide within 3 minutes if she/he wants to use your app or uninstall it immediately. The app should be sophisticated and must have convenient UI to keep the app functionality user-friendly.

Gesture and motion-based navigation are in trend. The app will be successful if the user gets to the desired page with few taps. It would be better to have some shortcuts for important pages. Use of animation while surfing through the application will act as an additional advantage.


While developing an app it is really important to know what type of features will be suitable to help your users while accessing the app. An inbuilt shopping cart and payment gateway will be suitable for an e-commerce and shopping application, while a chat box will be suitable for a user using an educational app where a teacher and students can interact.


Integrating your application will give you an edge to promote your application. It will also give your users to share their posts, leave reviews and their experience about using your app.

Another feature that will give you an upper hand is supporting your application for multiple languages. This will allow your application to reach a larger group of people in various parts of the world where you would be releasing the app.


People love using applications that make use of latest technologies like AR/VR, Beacon technology, Cloud, Blockchain and IoT. Implementing these latest technologies in your application will help you to grow a large user base and make a brand of your company. Many top mobile app development companies use these technologies to develop out of box applications. Industries, where these technologies can be used, are described below:

  • AR/VR: It can be used in shopping apps to see how a product will look in reality. For example, a user can check how furniture will look with its existing décor.
  • Beacon Technology: Beacon technology allows a user to gather information about a place where they have never visited. This technology can be used in traveling applications.
  • Cloud application: Large application covers large memory of mobile phones. To prevent wastage of precious memory an application can store its data and allow users to store their items on the cloud. Google Dropbox is one such app.
  • Blockchain: Blockchain can be used to store precious data of an individual which cannot be hampered or changed once stored in the form of blocks. This technology can be used in the financial sector.
  • IoT: Internet of Things (IoT) can be used for daily purposes applications. Like turning on the air conditioner at home once you leave your workplace.


Making a compact application is always the best practice as not only it acquires less memory in smartphones but also takes less time to download and update. Loading speed is also a prime factor while developing an app. A responsive application will receive more download than a slow application. It is always better to consult a mobile app development company to make fast and compact application. Also, an application should allow some functions to work without net connectivity i.e. it should work in offline mode.


Many applications require a Login/Registration Page before it can serve the audience. Make sure to keep it simple and short or the user can get irritated while filling long forms.

Feedback section is one of the most crucial elements for a mobile application, to know whether your business will be liked by the audience or not. Encouraging your users to give feedbacks will not only increase customer engagement on your app but will also tell you about the specific regions you need to improve upon.


Applications are battling a fierce competition to reach more customers than their competitors. With around 3.3 million Android applications it is really difficult to prepare an application that can exceed such application.

An easy way to do so is to hire an affordable mobile app builder which has a precise skill set to develop a fast, compact and user-friendly application according to the sector requirements of your company with cutting-edge technologies.


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