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Being a voguish Khadi-vadi.

A year ago, I was sitting in my marketing class and being an entrepreneurship student I was motivated to do something out of the box but with a purpose of empowering those around me. I was always inclined towards body friendly fabrics and wanted to venture out into something on the same lines.  After six months of brainstorming and failed ideas, I finally blocked on the idea of Khadi and this was before the current government started the propagation of using Khadi in day to day wear. My idea was simple - to connect the youth to the golden fabric which had been dusting all this while. So, I went ahead and used extremely quirky and bright prints that would catch the eye of a young and hip crowd.With no prior experience in designing and fashion, this was a an absolute gamble for me but somehow it worked! Today, my start up THE KHADI CULT is the best thing that has happened to me. It has not only taught me the virtue of patience but the understanding of never compromising on quality and being there for your client to the fullest. I sincerely hope that I can change the perception of Khadi over a period of time and make it a globally recognised fabric.


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