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Indian education system


The main problem in India is education.Education system in India is worse than foreign countries including US,countries of UK &Gulf countries.This is known fact.But our Indian government is also not ready to take any steps to improve our education system.We all know it,but why foreign education system is better than Indian education system.

Most of the students are thinking that education is the toughest part of their life,even me.Because educating institutes in India needs only scores,not knowledge.As they need only score they are pushing to score good marks only,this will bring good name to their institution,parents,relatives and etc.And in India,high position in the jobs given only to good mark scoring students and not to talented student.i don't say that good mark scoring students are not talented,here the education is like that.

So my request to the Indian government is "PLEASE CHANGE THE INDIAN EDUCATION SYSTEM".