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Story of 21 Year Old Boy Rahul Chauhan in Blogging

I started by Blogging carrier At the age of 17 and in just three years I reached in Milestone in the Blogging world. Would like to share This beautiful success story with everyone.

In Today's world where everyone is Active on social media and Internet, There is some Life changing stories which Bloggers Creates in the past several Months. Becoming an Entrepreneurial is always Youngster's first choice but the Bitter truth is that Only a few able to achieve their goal which they Aim for. Today I would like to share my Whole Journey with you. From the starting days of my school, I always scored average marks in My school days but apart my studies I am Passionate to solve any Computer software problems. In 2013, I hear something about Digital Marketing and Blogging and soon I start my first blog. 

After Attempting lot on my first blog I wasn't able to make a Single Penny but things changed soon when I Make my first Income through Blogging it was Around 125 $. Being a new Beginners in blogging it was Good earnings at that time. Once I got motivated I started Some tech Blogs to make some money.  

My Journey in Blogging world 

After receiving the first amount from Google Adsense I Aim some dream which I want to complete in my life. Getting Sucess overnight isn't that easy that's why my vision is to make a Brandable Business name. Just like Your story, I decided to Built a new blog which is a news blog, At that time I was running more than 4 Blogs. Many of My friends also started the same but they didn't succeed. You have to be passionate about your work if you want to achieve something in the blogging world.

How to Get success in Blogging:-

Interest is the major factor which plays a Very important role in blogging, So the first thing you need to do is find your interest. There are many people who are earning Good amount from Youtube channel to find your interest. If you have some Knowledge to share then create something Unique for their user. Education tutorial is also a better choice I can say to all People. 

Rahul Chauhan Blogger 

Getting Into business also isn't a Big task but making it profession always a Risk and I love to take risks. If you have Enough Knowledge of your sector then I recommend you to try as much attempt. I have personally seen Many worst days in Blogging life when i Can't even make 200 $ a month but apart from that I also have seen days when i made Passive Income each day. 

My Google Adsense earnings

Above Given Income show that How I Made 1000$ In a month while studying in school. That is just an Amazing moment for me when I made this much passive Income. I am sure you also feel very motivated to read my story. My personal Recommendation to all of you is that It is not necessary to Top in the exam but just focus on Your passion, If you have Enough passion In any sector then Just try it and success are Guaranteed.



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