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The best waterproof fitness tracker reviews 2017

Every want to keep this fitness with shortcut way but everybody can't go to gym. Here,i described about some popular fitness tracker that will guide as a couch such as calories burn, sleep mode,running status, heart rate, steps count etc.

Fitness Tracker Reviews 2017


Most people find losing weight and getting in shape incredibly hard. Why is that? From my experience, the number one reason for this is lacking the ability to track their progress. Buying the best fitness tracker will give you just that! Without tracking your results you simply don`t know how much progress you`ve made so it is easy to give up once you hit your first “brick wall.” Gadgets, such as activity trackers, will track how many calories you burn, monitor your sleeping habits and aggregate all this data into a smartphone/pc app so you can monitor your progress, set goals and achieve them! Furthermore, I’ll discuss about the best waterproof fitness tracker.

Fitness Tracker Reviews

It is time to start with the reviews. As I`ve said before, we are going to group these activity trackers based on your need. The first one up is the “Beginners” group:

Jawbone Up Move

• Count your steps with high accuracy

• Monitor your sleeping – though you will have to set it manually

• Track burned calories

• Synchronize data – it will sync all the data it gathers to your free Jawbone app which you are required to install.

• You can use it as the best waterproof fitness tracker.

One of the major design changes the company introduced with this device was the old pedometer design with a belt clip, so you can wear it on your clothes. But for those of you who don`t like this, Jawbone is offering a wristband as well.

Wristband is also recommended if you plan on wearing this tracker during the night, since the clip can fall off your clothes as you toss and turn.

Jawbone fitness tracker is easy to use – at the front of the device is a single large button which you press or press and hold to initiate the desired mode and sync with the app.

Speaking of the app, Jawbone app is really what sets this device apart from the competition! The app will not only track exercise time, the time you spent sleeping and burned calories, it will also allow you to set goals for better motivation and even log drinks and food you consume to give you a better understanding of your daily caloric intake.

Another awesome feature this app incorporates is the “coach.” Below the exercise graphs you will find a box with aggregated information based on your performance. By comparing this data with the data of other people your age, the “coach” may recommend you step up your exercise, or even challenge you to do more than you thought you could!

All in all, Jawbone up Move is one of the best gadgets in its price range and we gladly recommend it!

MOOV Smart Fitness Coach and Tracker

This product is geared more to guiding and coaching you as you as you do your exercises, rather just tracking your performance. It comes with a real-time audio coach for body weight and cardio exercising.

The coach is great for both ends of the spectrum:

• It will “force” your butt off the couch and motivate you to get moving but

• It will also work with hard core fitness enthusiasts challenging them to push even further

It`s tracking capabilities match the previous model we discussed – burned calories tracking, counting steps, time spent exercising, but it features an amazing advantage – it analyses your movements and exercises in real-time and offers audio suggestions to make them even more efficient.

MOOV tracker is very user friendly, you can attach it to your wrist or around your ankle and, after a while, you will forget it is even there. You will just need to download the appropriate exercising first; the company is currently offering 5 apps:

• For running and walking – it will help you learn more about proper running pace, technique and cadence

• Swimming – measures your stroke, lap times, rest and turn breakdowns in the water. So, it is the best waterproof fitness tracker.

• Cardio boxing – features choreographic boxing exercises and tutorials to help you get the most out of your exercise. The app is also optimized for the use of two trackers, one for each hand

• Cycling – this is the latest app developed by the company, designed to track distance, speed, cadence and elevation

• 7 minute+ – this app is based on a 7 minute workout published on the American College of Sports and Medicine Journal. The research suggests that health benefits of long runs can be achieved with just a few minutes of intense exercise. You can give it a go and let us know if it worked for you!

Fitbit Charge

When I mention Fitbit you know things are getting serious. Fitbit is the leading company responsible for some of the best fitness trackers on the market today.

Fitbit charge is one of the lower priced models, but it offers most functionality his “more expensive” brother’s offer:

• 3-Axis Accelerometer – for tracking steps taken and total distance

• Altimeter – for stairs climbed

• Calories burned

• Automatic sleep monitoring – this activity tracker will not only monitor when and how long you sleep, it will also gauge the quality of your sleep automatically most other trackers require manual setup. You can also set silent, vibrating alarm

• OLED display – which you can use to display time and incoming caller ID once you sync it with your phone.

Fitbit Charge is a powerful little device, capable to store a whole week of detailed workout data, before you transfer it to your app. Another great thing about this tracker is the ability to transfer data directly to your Win PC, Mac or your Android/iOs/Win smartphone.

If you are serious about weight loss and want to keep track of your daily caloric intake, you will be glad to know that this model also offers an interesting food tracking ability – you can input various foods and calculate how many calories you ate through the day and modify your exercise accordingly.

The end verdict is this – Fitbit Charge is probably the best activity tracker when it comes to mid range, affordable models.

Therefore, I think I’m not a good writer but try to do something. Here, I don’t get marketing of any product just try to focus about these item. You may use anyone of them. If you happy so you are most welcome to read my next content about the best waterproof fitness tracker thoroughly. 


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