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Incredible Importance And Benefits Of Using Mobile Apps For Restaurants

In today’s world, there is an app for everything. Mobile apps have changed the way businesses operate. This mobile technology has a large influence on the restaurant business. Restaurant world also has higher growth rate as compared to other aspects. 

In today’s world, there is an app for everything. Mobile apps have changed the way businesses operate. This mobile technology has a large influence on the restaurant business. Restaurant world also has higher growth rate as compared to other aspects.

In recent years, the market share of mobile apps that are related to the restaurants has grown significantly. This fact has raised the demand of mobile apps for restaurants.

With the help of mobile technology and by using it effectively, restaurant owners are building their strong presence in the market as well as promoting their brand online. Below given the current image of the restaurant in the market and what features the successful mobile apps must have.

Importance Of Mobile App At Restaurants

There are n numbers of reasons to invest in developing the mobile apps for restaurants. The extensive marketing potential is one of the most important reasons why the restaurants should invest in this technology. Along with that, here are some compelling data from the restaurant world which will show the value of mobile apps:

Almost 80% of adults use their mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, for searching restaurant locations, hours of operation, and directions. More than 70% look up the menus and 50% read the reviews on their phones

50% people order the takeout or make delivery directly from restaurants’ websites. Also, more than 40% people used rewards and social deals

4 out of 5 customers admitted that they can go to the restaurant even at the off-peak hours if they get any discount

More than 75% diners accepted that mobile apps and restaurant technology make guests’ experiences much better

35% of guests agreed on the fact that the facility of reserving tables online is an important aspect. Almost 20% think that free wifi is essential whereas 19% say that ability of mobile or online ordering is much more important

In a POS upgrade, some of the most important features to look for, are inventory management, online ordering, and PCI compliance

3 out of 4 restaurant owners agreed that the restaurant technology always helps them to make their restaurants more efficient, increase their sales, and get a competitive edge

It has been observed in many areas that customers prefer the online payment options for their work. Restaurant and foodservice industry slowly adapting the practice of mobile order and pay too

One of the most successful restaurants that have adopted app development in its business is the Starbucks. Approximately 20% of total Starbucks payment transactions are performed by its own mobile app. More than 10 million people have signed up for this app. Though app development is little expensive, as per the reports from BI Intelligence, the mobile app strategy of Starbucks pays for itself.

Features And Benefits Of Restaurant Mobile Apps

Mobile app development for restaurants allows them to use mobile technology in an effective way. This step helps restaurant owners to manage their business in several ways. Gathered data from the mobile apps provide valuable information to the restaurants and help them to become more profitable, efficient, and successful. It also allows them to plan their meals during peak hours as well as off-peak hours. Moreover, restaurants can offer promotional products when appropriate, maintain updated records of necessary things, and also plan the product supply as per the customer demands.

Below given some of the features that an user-friendly restaurant app must contain, as well as how it can give benefits to both restaurant and customers.

Description And Menu Display

The basis for a user-friendly mobile app for restaurants is the list of dishes shown in the app with prices and attractive pictures.

Benefit For Customer: This feature will show the customers that what a particular restaurant has to offer. It also gives an easy way to customers to engage with that business.

Benefit For Restaurant Business: A simple restaurant mobile app can help the business to set common client expectation and increasing its brand’s exposure at the same time.

Pre-ordering/online Ordering Capabilities

This feature allows customers to place orders online whether it is for eating in, delivery, or pick-up depends on the services that restaurants offer.

Benefits For Customer: By keeping “add to order” button next to the menu dishes, restaurants will make ordering quick and easy for their customers. The feature of order history will provide customers an easy way to keep the record of their meals and make re-ordering faster.

Benefits For Restaurant: The feature of online ordering gives valuable information to the restaurants regarding order turnaround, customer preferences, and much more. With the help of data gathered from order history and online orders, restaurants can figure out their common meal preferences and refine their menu options. Restaurants will also able to differentiate between “off-peak hours” and “rush hours” for customer inflow.

At Last,

By adding mobile apps with businesses, restaurants not only keep their brand awareness but keep their customers engaged. According to Zomato and Grubhub-like apps, customers take almost 2 minutes to order through phone and take 45 seconds to process down through smartphones. Mobile apps are making ordering faster and more convenient for customers. These apps also make the efficient interaction between restaurants and clients.  


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