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Is well-managed IT staff augmentation better than freelancing?

This article gives an insight into the prospects, scope and potential of IT Staff Augmentation. It also elucidates on the comparison between IT Staff Augmentation with Freelancing. Read On to know more.

One of the major difficulties faced by worldwide organizations is contracting IT talent. The organization may have a group of representatives who might deal with the diverse tasks of its customers. Be that as it may, what happens when more activities come in and the present group does not have sufficient energy or the required aptitudes for it? 

Do they procure more perpetual staff, extending their workplaces and accommodating the contracts? Do they begin paying the compensations and benefits? There is this persistent battle to employ a cream of talented, trained and professional IT staff. This is where a well-established IT staff augmentation business model comes into the picture.

Statistics MRC has revealed the insights into the worldwide IT outsourcing market. Having accounted for $314.92 billion in 2015, it is expected to reach $481.37 billion by 2022

Picking staff augmentation services enable you to get the assistance you require on a versatile, per project premise and helps you maintain your focus on the bigger picture to achieve your set goals. Comfort, reasonableness, and effectiveness are only a few of the reasons organizations of all sizes depend on it; there are some amazing benefits of staff augmentation

Statistics say as the economy develops, up to 40% of IT representatives are searching for fast employment changes. Staff augmentation could be the ideal answer for both the organizations as well as the IT talents, wherein the employer could simply be satisfactorily staffed under all circumstances and the talented staff could put challenge their aptitudes and skills in a larger and a better working atmosphere.

Now that we’ve established that IT staff augmentation will solve all your staff related problems, let us understand why a well-managed service would be better than that provided by a freelancer.

1. Terms and Conditions. A freelancing staff augmentation service provider is less likely to sign and maintain all the terms and conditions of the contract. This would lead to adversity in the future. How? Picture this. You hire an IT expert through a freelancer and your new employee somehow fails to deliver the project on time. What would you do? What if the freelancer does not simply answer the phone? Suing somebody with whom you do not have a signed contract is impossible.

2. Trust Due to Transparency. A well-managed IT staff augmentation business model would be more reliable and trustworthy due to the simple fact that whatever they do and howsoever they do it, they would keep you updated about their procedures. There would be transparency and proof of their achievements so far which would make them a better choice.

3. Experience. A freelancer would probably not have a substantial experience in this field. The sole reason to support this could be the fact that a freelancer does not really have a team and an office to lead and take care of. Whereas a proper IT staff augmentation service provider would be one that has a team of people working towards securing staff for the projects they’re handling. Such a company would be known to have more experience in handling projects with professionalism.

4. Adhering to SLA. Administration conveyance is upheld by a service level agreement (SLA), where the extension and time limit of the administration are documented. Suppliers endeavor to meet the duties, so they are boosted to expand the value of their work. This can only be expected out of a proper staff augmentation business model. There is no such procedure followed by a freelancer.

Do you know why India is the most preferred choice for outsourcing? India's venture friendly approaches, forward-thinking changes, higher expendable salaries, and rising white collar class have made it an appealing outsourcing goal for outside financial specialists. 

In a recent survey conducted in the US, 82% of US-based companies have voted for India as their first and most preferred choice for software outsourcingThere is no doubt that the benefits of staff augmentation are too many to be compiled in one document. As the world is getting more technologically advanced, more requirements for talented individuals are being generated.


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