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Add charm to your business with "Personality"


Is personality so important?

Are skill set, knowledge and getting your hands dirty not enough?

I was asked this question by one of the participants in my entrepreneurship development workshop.

Personality is one of the most important traits to be successful in “entrepreneurship”. Personality for that matter is important in whatever we do in our lives: be it job, sports, relationships and even at home.

Entrepreneurs pick up tasks or set goals which are tough, require a lot of determination, grit and gut to achieve them.

The personality of the entrepreneur continues to charm his business in his initial years. He attracts the best talent, convinces them to join him even for the low fee or stock options, he motivates them to help fulfill his vision. He flatters the venture capitalists with his traits, knowledge, and understanding of the business such that they invest in his company. when the company grows he influences his teammates and employees to work towards the organization's mission and vision. Large numbers of employees stay with the company because of “Entrepreneur” as a person.

Great entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Narayan Murthy, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett have been a great a great influence not only on employees but media as well as shareholders. 
Apple product launch used to be a grand success not only because of the products but also because of Steve Jobs personality. 

A word of caution. Do not take your personality too seriously that you try to emulate some big leaders for public discourses, social media campaigns, run around for followers on social media and so on. During one my visits to Mumbai, I met an entrepreneur working in the HNI financing who used to frequently be seen on the Business Channel and in fact had one show to his credit where he advised the home buyers, people interested in savings, money management. As per him…it looked rosy to him, in fact, helped in business also as people recognized him when he used to meet them. However, he had stopped entertaining TV channels as he felt he was losing focus. His time and energies were required in building his business rather on chat shows. He said he liked it and would return back but to a limit and his business is stronger…strong enough such that he can devote time elsewhere.


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