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Smart City Expert: Meet the young leader from India, Gokul Shrinivas made his way Innovations


Gokul Shrinivas is the young man who gave an emerging world of IOT something to do, something to talk about and, more importantly, a place to do it all. Graduating from KCE Coimbatore in 2016, Gokul was all set to work for Amazon and later continuing with his Master Degree.

However, things didn’t work out quite the way he had planned. He couldn't able to secure the expected percentile at his 10th standard got him thinking about the overall competitive testing environment - the way of judging a person in the country.

Gokul Shrinivas, Innovator, Entrepreneur" alt="

Gokul Shrinivas, Innovator, Entrepreneur

" />Gokul pondered upon the need to change the way of analyzing a person, so that each and every smart and intelligent and talented candidates is flagged and brilliance does not go unnoticed. He says,

The reason why mark based analyzing system is to make awareness about qualifying oneself, Not to judge with that. A person needs to be analyzed by talents.

This is how the whole country is been analyzing persons fit or unfit and where Gokul focuses to change the system with his life journey as an example.

His Life as an example

At the time of Schooling, Gokul was like a versatile boy that was been his backbone of success. He says,

I'm more wished soul to born in earth and having parents like SHRINIVAS and BHAKKIYALAKSHMI, who supported and pushed me to have extracurricular activities rather focusing on Academic subjects. And obviously focusing on multiple activities, i made good progress in all but couldn't able to procure expected percentile at 10th standard.

The way of analyzing system, analyzed Gokul that day and made him unfit for further higher education. Gokul had any other options than joining a Diploma course with his low percentile. Later he continued with his Bachelor degree at KCE coimbatore. 

He says,

I never thought that my 10th standard percentile would conflict my career. During on-campus placements at my college, i wasn't allowed to attend any of the companies because i was categorized into an ineligible list by HR's due to my 10th standard percentile even though i was good in both bachelor degree academics and extracurricular activities .

Solving the puzzle

Gokul received following National awards for Innovative solutions

1. India's Best Innovation Award - Runner - Energy Sector - at Make In India, Bombay - Organized by Prime Minister Narendra Modi - Government of India with India Institute of Technology, Bombay.

2. Top 10 Indian Innovators Award - Secured a place in top 10 lists - Transportation Sector - Smart City category - at Make In India, Bombay - Organized by Prime Minister Narendra Modi - Government of India with India Institute of Technology, Bombay.

3. India's Best Smart Grid Innovator Award - Runner - Energy Sector - at Indian Smart Grid Forum, Delhi - Organized by Government of India, Indian Smart Grid Forum, Ministry of Power, Tata DDL.

4. India's Smart City Expert Award - 2016 - 2017 - Smart City Transformation - at an initiative of Cities Transformation into Smart Cities in India, Shivamogga, Karnataka - Organized by Government of India, Smart City Transformation Authorities of India.

He says,

During on-campus placement, I was not allowed to attend any companies, and Amazon is being one of that. I went to off-campus Hackathon and showed my talents and secured Internship and came back to college with offer. During my Internship period i felt myself not comfortable with IT arena. So i resigned my job and continued working on with building IOT projects since from my diploma. Some of the Novelty solutions secured those national awards and with that i started my entrepreneurial journey.

Gokul proclaims "I will change the system of analyzing people, May be not immediately but Absolutely and Definitely"

He Says

One must know that Life is a dance between "What do you Fear Most and What do You Desire Most".


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