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How is it to be a full-time traveler?

By E Jey
There are several full-time travel bloggers and vloggers around the world who live a dream life. Many travel enthusiasts must have a thought of quitting their job and getting into a regular travel life. What I am sharing here is my own experience as a full-time traveler. 

After quitting my conventional job that had given me the opportunity to explore several countries across the globe, I have decided to become a full-time traveler. The decision was a bit harsh and it has changed a lot of things in me and around me. It did not take much longer for me to realize that being a full-time traveler means owning a financially unstable life. Many a times I thought of getting back to my corporate job. 

E Jey in Ethiopia

How did it all started?

After the completion of my MBA from Utkal University, like most graduates, I too set out for for hunting a corporate job. Not so long it took for me to grab a lucrative and decent opportunity in the IT capital of India (Bangalore). What played tricks there was not my job, but my love life. My lover who was from West Bengal couldn't gain acceptance from my parents or from our relatives (I am from Kerala). However, I was not willing to ditch her from my life. We decided to elope and so we did it.

Our destination was Kathmandu in Nepal, and that was my first international trip. Taking a long journey by train and then by bus through Gorakhpur, we reached Kathmandu for a cool and romantic beginning. Coldness of Kathmandu has got its extremeness, but even then the things got hotter as my parents followed us to the mountaintop nation of Asia. 

What we could at that moment was just flee from there. We continued our escapism from Nepal to India, and India to Somalia, and then to Eritrea. By then we had traveled through many destinations and many years, my parents too. At last, they decided to welcome us, both of us. 

After all those mishaps, today my parents are closer to my then girlfriend and current wife than how much close they are to me.

Though we patched up with our parents after our Eritrea assignments, we continued traveling in Africa for our corporate job. Every place that we voyaged was an experience and every person that we met had unique stories to share. In 2015 December, I decided to quit my permanent job and hunt places, food, and culture. 

How is it to be a full-time traveler?

Not easy, but I am a natural traveler and so loving it. To be a full-time traveler is something like 24/7 travel, blogging, and vlogging. Being a starter, I am currently taking a lot of time away from my family. More than all, travel requires a lot of funds. At present, my travels are funded from my own pocket, and that means a huge cash outflow. There are travelers, established travelers, who enjoy free travels and on top of that a decent income from those travels. I need to travel a lot more to reach that stage. 

Currently I am running a travel blog (JauntMonkey.com), which is intended to host articles like that of my Paniyeli Poru and Early Days in Nepal experiences. However, the tactics of managing google, demands more of destination guides. Though it is a short-term thing, I am not actually enjoying it as much as I enjoy writing of travelogues. Yet, when it comes to travels, I enjoy every bit of it.

Jey and Key of Jaunt Monkey in Uganda

Then what's the mirth?

Indeed, the travel itself is my mirth. However, I also take pleasure from the variations. Like what most agree, travel help us to remain positive and still give us the opportunity to learn a lot of things about our planet and life on it. More than all, I feel very happy when people see and read about my travels. There are a lot more about my travels and my passion. You will find all what you need to know about me on my blog, so please do not hesitate but visit me on my blog.


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