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Photographer's Life#

Heyya, we are a team of husband and wife who started with this photography venture.  Well, i must say it takes real courage and risk to ignore an income of 50k from our jobs and infuriating bosses and start with something where you're gonna take place of that infuriating boss. Here i express how it is to deal with this costly affair.

To start with my husband was running a venture of graphic designing. Photography was his passion but never thought of it as a profession. Six months prior to our wedding we got a pre wedding shoot done wherein he showed immense interest into photography be it from co ordinating our clothes and colours to deciding the best props and location for our shoot. We ended up having a glorious shoot which everyone loved.

After this shoot, our wedding photography became a manifest of our wedding. Well this was a great boost for us to start with our own photography venture. Slowly and steadily we started investing in heavy photography equipments be it latest camera, lenses, backdrops, studio lights, etc. We invested in various marketing campaigns. Not only this, he also got trained under a well known photographer and started receiving accolades.

We started with clicking lovely couples at their wedding, recollecting our own wedding memories.

We motivated the upcoming models in their fashion shoots and made them look prettier.

We captured the finger licking edibles.

Photography as a profession involves heavy investments and also one has to remain updated with the latest technology. Hence in the start we just managed to remove the basic studio expense.

We aspire to have a company of top most professional photographers and want to grow higher to open branches of the same in different countries.

I would like to have some suggestions from you guys to help us grow more.

Pre Wedding Shoot

Baby Shoot


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