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5 ways to defeat anxiety and depression

As anxiety is more about nervousness regarding change in external conditions or unease with variable outcomes of tasks performed in real life, depression is a state where sadness and lower interest in everything starts prevailing in one’s everyday life.

5 ways to defeat anxiety and depression

Wednesday August 30, 2017,

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Anxiety and depression are two separate mental conditions, both sometimes prevailing within a body at the same time. Both are highly dangerous disorders and are not be neglected when their symptoms are detected.

If one report from a trusted source is to be believed, 1 in every 13 people around the world suffers from any one or more type of anxiety disorder. If one goes through World Health Organization stats for depression, more than 350 million people are suffering from this deadly mental disorder. Apart from medication and change in lifestyle, reading motivational content helps a lot of people get through this hard phase of life. Let’s understand how things work under both these conditions.

Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder

As every uneasy feeling cannot be linked with anxiety, you can share these below listed symptoms with everyone to check whether they are going through this highly common mental disorder.

Rising tension

Feeling restlessness

Sudden increase in heart rate

Excessive sweating, trembling

Loss of focus for a task

Symptoms of Depression

As this is more serious than the above listed problems, here are some ways you can check the presence of depression in a personality.




Life slows down



Loss of interest in living

While there are some other symptoms too for both conditions, they can happen even due to some other physical illness or a totally different condition. As we discussed the ways to see whether one is safe or not, let's begin with how one can overcome the condition to get back into normal working conditions.

# Meet some really good people

Inspiration may come through virtual or physical source but getting the same is more important than all other things in these conditions. Someone suffering from any of the above condition should try meeting a person who willingly left all this behind and started a cheerful life. There are groups made specially for people who wish to get some relief regarding anxiety and depression. They arrange events and games that test levels of problem and help overcome these problems in a really engaging way. Soon, all these checkpoints could be crossed to perform better actions in life.

# Let good thoughts enter the body

This possibility is for those who are busy with long working hours and cannot get enough time to join these happy clubs. Reading one motivational quote per day can save someone hundred times from getting angry, over excited and full of anxiety over some daily task. Also, try joining some inspiring groups through various social platforms that share messages as reminders to keep yourself away from this hidden evil. Subscribe to audio sources that will recite the content so that you can hear the same anywhere, even during your short breaks or power nap.

# Exercise

When a human starts exercising, the stress levels automatically go down. The excessive energy gets perfectly channelized and all you are left with is a need to get good food and sleep. Choose effective ways of exercise, which may include Yoga, strength training and aerobics. Join a dance class if you love twisting yourself to the beat. The feel good chemicals from our brain are secreted after a good session of exercise, boosting our metabolism and bringing back the missing spirit in our life. Try moving up with increasing intensity day by day and soon, the symptoms will start fading due to lack of time that was once devoted to this illness.

# Try something new

Creativity can help a person achieve higher level of satisfaction from his/her life. Think of new ways by which one can live a great life. Choose vivid options like trekking one day and going for swimming the next day. Bringing new things in life can give one more reason to life a long and healthy life. Many renowned artists have gone through these phases in their lives and most of them survived with introduction of better people and amazing hobbies in life. Challenge the present potential and work hard in some other direction to achieve a stress free life.

# Consult a doctor

This should be the last considered step when it comes to anxiety and depression treatment. Those who try the above points dedicatedly would not need to follow a doctor's prescription for their purpose. Doctors, typically psychiatrist, are trained to handle these cases and know which level of depression or anxiety the person is facing currently. There are some medications but doctors generally avoid them in first level patients. Thinks them of being the closest friend and reveal all the truths hidden inside, helping the mind live lighter than ever. People suffering from depression should never hide tough situations faced in their past life from a psychiatrist.

Motivational quotes to defeat anxiety & depression<br>

Motivational quotes to defeat anxiety & depression

Author's bio: Our health is somehow related to mental peace and it is the reason why everyone should keep maintain their mental health. Be cheerful with some inspiration, passion, or motivational messages to keep yourself happy.