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Breaking Stereotypes , Shunning Taboos

Working to bring a ignite , grow and direction a much needed change in the society.

Entrepreneurs are driven by their dreams , their experiences or somethings that they believe in. I was driven by the urge to set certain things right. Therefore I decided to work on the much thought about but less talked about thing. Sexuality and Sex. 

Indians , even the educated ones have a great difficulty handling this topic. Everyone wants to be politically correct. And it ends there. Why is it so hard to talk about one of the most natural things in the world? Why is it so difficult for people to be acceptable about this reality and normalise it?

Sexual harassments , assaults , rapes , unacceptable behaviour , objectification of women , unsafe environments , dimming morals and what not. We have seen all these much profoundly in the last few years and surprisingly nothing much has been done about it. These things are far from being an exception , occurring more commonly than ever. 

There is a need to teach , to educate people about what is happening , why it is happening , what are the reasons , the triggers that result in such consequences. Keeping all this in mind I came up with the idea of a Sexuality and Sex Education website , one of its kind in India , solely dedicated to this topic , trying to impart knowledge in a sophisticated yet honest way. 

"Enlightened Indians  is an initiative to bring about the much needed change in the thought process of the society and start a revolution to rationalise people towards Sexuality . We are here to make a difference to everyone’s life by providing more than just education, by helping people rise above existing barriers and develop healthy attitude towards sexuality and all its elements."

This initiative has begun. It will no doubt take time. What is of the essence is that it had to be started. There is a long way to go before certain milestones are reached , a long way to help people understand themselves and make them more responsible human beings and even a longer way to see this dream of an aware and enlightened society where strength of character be celebrated and things such as rapes and unnecessary sexualisation cease to exist. 

Visit Enlightened Indians at (www.enlightenedindians.com) to know more and share anything you want to. Its time we start talking about things , breaking stereotypes and shunning taboos. 


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