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7 places to visit in Gujarat that can cast magic


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Gujarat is a state in India rich in culture and history. Bordering Pakistan from one side, this state is also bestowed with a rich biodiversity, as it also serves as home to Asiatic lions along with several other species of wildlife and birdlife. 

People come from different regions across the world, to witness the cultural charm of the state. Even the food will leave you asking for more. When it comes to places to visit in Gujarat you will have a number of choices, as per your preferences and age. 

But, there are places which must be at the top of the list when planning is being done. So, to help you shortlist the best of the best, here is a list of most stunning places in Gujarat you cannot afford to miss.

1. Gir:

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One of the most famous national parks of India, Gir National Park is famed for being home to lions, along with other wildlife species such as black bucks, fish owls and hyenas, to name a few. Spanning across an area of 1412 Sq. Km., Gir National Park is the only national park in India where a community also inhabit. It is best explored on a jeep, as you get to spot various animals and birds from a safe distance.

2. Kutch:

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The Rann of Kutch has a limited tourist season, winter. This white salt desert acts as a canvas painted with the colors of local culture. To make it an experience that’s always cherished, Gujarat Tourism Authority organize a festival which is nothing less than an extravaganza, especially during full moon nights. Other than the culture, the flamingos migrating from Siberia during this time around is another attraction for tourists. Camel safari, folk dance, folk music and shopping are some highlights you must look forward to!

3. Ahmedabad:

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The capital of Gujarat, Ahmedabad is a developed city which will spoil you with choice when it comes to accommodation, food, activities and attractions. Even as the city is pacing up with modernity, the heritage still prevails with pride. Sabarmati Ashram, Akshardham Temple Complex, Kankaria Lake and International Kite Festival are among the top highlights of the city, which must be on your list during your visit.

4. Dwarka:

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One of the ‘Charm Dham’ (four pilgrimage spots) for Hindus, Dwarka is the ancient kingdom of Lord Krishna. Owing to its high religious significance, devotees from all across the world pay their visit to the city, specifically the Dwarkadhish Temple which is located on a shore. The locale also is where you have good chances of spotting sea turtles, starfish and sea urchins. Though the temple is flocked with pilgrims all around the year, the charm only escalates during the celebration of Krishna Janmashtami - the birthday of Lord Krishna.

5. Bhuj:

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Dating back to the 16th century, Bhuj is home to number of monuments which will make you fall in love. Cenotaphs Mahal, Prag Mahal and Aina Mahal Palace are some of the top highlights of the city, which once was an independent state. The work of precision in each of its monument speak of a glorious past and non-pareil artistry.

6. Lothal:

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A historic site, holding significance during the Indus Valley Civilization, Lothal is an important tourist attraction of Gujarat. If you are someone with an interest in history, you must visit the Lothal museum, which narrates the lifestyle of locals during the time, through its exhibits consisting of - utensils, jewelry, gemstones, apparels and more.

7. Laxmi Vilas Palace:

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One of Gujarat’s most iconic landmarks, Laxmi Vilas Palace is located in Vadodara and was built by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III. The complex of the palace spans across an area of 700 sq. km, and consists of other attractions as well, namely Moti Baug Palace, Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum.

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