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Why software testing is an essential part of software development

Here are few points to help you understand why software testing must be an important part of software development services.

Software Development

Everyone can make mistakes. In fact, mistakes show that you are putting your efforts to achieve something. However, this philosophical thought is not directly applicable to work and especially software development. When it comes to a software solution, it must be robust and error-free. And it is important for businesses to identify and rectify the issues in their software products before putting them in front of their customers. This is achievable by carrying out software testing and checking the end product for quality.

Software testing is an integral part of the development cycle and highly useful in improving the accuracy of your software. Here are few points to help you understand why software testing must be an important part of software development services:

• Improve Software Quality: Quality assurance and software testing services are highly useful to check the compatibility of your software. Even though your software developer tested the solution multiple times, chances of errors in code are always there. A software tester is certified and well-informed so he can find these hidden bugs to make your final product error-free. And, a software tester can also check that the software works as intended whether one person uses it or a hundred. 

• Help Your Finalise Your Product: Even if a software development services provider tries to build the software based on the requirements the client has shared with them, sometimes the end product can be slightly different from client expectations. In such cases, testing can verify all the features and workings before handover to ensure that the software works exactly as intended. There are different types of testing principles used to check that the software is error-free and works as expected in various scenarios.

• Maintain Reputation: Many times software developers miss the mistakes in their code. If software testing is not carried out thoroughly, there are chances that a faulty software will be delivered to the client. This will have huge repercussions since the client or worse, his customers, will find the errors when he/they use it. Finding errors at this juncture will reflect badly on you and also incur losses for your client. To save you both from monetary loss as well as a dent in the goodwill, it is better to thoroughly test the software with all possible permutations and combinations of inputs values and scenarios to find any possible infinite loops, errors, etc.

• Make Your Software Portable and Secure: A developer can make a piece software work well on one platform, but it takes a lot of knowledge and expertise in making a software that is compatible with different platforms. Post-development, you can put the code through rigorous tests on different platforms to make sure that it is truly portable and works equally well on multiple platforms. Paying special attention to data security is important since each platform works differently and a software tester has to check that the software keeps the data secure on all platforms.

If you put your software through different series of tests to check that it works as intended and is the best that you can do, you can take pride in the product and proudly present it to your clients. It will improve customer satisfaction and also increase the chances of your customers becoming repeat buyers.


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