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Educating the future of India

EOTO (Each One-Teach One) is an initiative by a group of students (Manipal University, Jaipur) for providing elementary knowledge to village kids.   

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the whole world."- Nelson Mandela

The Right to Education is one of the Fundamental Rights of an Indian Citizen. In spite of huge transformations globally, be it in the field of technology, communication, education, etc we are lagging far behind in implementing it on the root level. Educating the young minds of India will not only help our nation but it will also help humankind solve the endangering problems that might lead to the destruction of the Earth. 

You don't need to be a superhuman to work towards a great cause, what you need is an idea and the undying effort to convert that idea into reality. This is what is being done by the pioneering team led by The Gram Vikas. Each and every member was truly inspired by the idea and joined each other's hand to bring a small but effective change. As is truly said,"cConstant dropping wears away the stone." This proverb says it all about the work that has been done by them till now.   

One good deed is the beginning of the virtuous circle. Project Gram Vikas, was initiated under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Under this nationwide campaign, each college had to adopt at least five villages and take initiative for the individual and overall development of the community. Sanjharia, Thekaria, Dehmi Kalan, Dehmi Khurd and Begas were the villages allotted to our college. Their journey started with the village of Dehmi Khurd where we enacted a small 'Nukkad Natak' to explain the importance of sanitation, cleanliness and basic education in their daily livelihood.The response from the villagers was positive and encouraging for us to launch an 'educate all' initiative that was entitled "Each one-Teach one", which was focused on providing basic education to the underprivileged kids.

Their journey was not as simple as it sounds. By their will to bring good in the lives of children they did it and will continue. Some of their achievements which proved that they are moving in the right direction towards their cause are as follows:-

1. They started with twenty-three students and now the figure has crossed the half-century mark (i.e. 56).

2. There were some children who, according to their merit studying in lower classes . They reported this to their parents and got them promoted accordingly.

3. Many students from the college are coming forward to put their contribution towards it. 

A Team of Gram Vikas educating  the children at Government  School premises.

 We really need this kind of change makers, who not only believe their idea, but also has the guts to follow them up to pursue it. It will help us to keep maintain our pace with the rapidly transforming world. This kind of efforts must be shared, discussed and spread as much as possible so that other people who are trying to do this kind work will definitely get help and will make society a way better place to live.

"Education is a source of an infinite potential which will empower the human kind to pave a new way for the existence."- Phulchand Saraswati 


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