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7 ways your earphones are ruining your ears - How to counter?

There are several ways in which the earphone can be harmful for you and we have enlisted seven major harms of earphone along with their ways to counter them

Earphones are highly popular these days. You can see everyone wearing earphones these days because they are highly common and they are used with every single device that you have. You can use single earphone with your mobile as well as with your laptop or desktop which makes it all-rounder.

Buying headphones is quite an easy task because there are always numerous choices available in the market. But, before you actually do that, you need to be aware of basic pros and cons of using an earphone.

There are several ways in which the earphone can be harmful for you and we have enlisted seven major harms of earphone along with their ways to counter them. This represents the right and safe use of a headset and it should be followed by every single person who uses earphone.

1. Noise Cancelling Earphones Makes You Impervious To Important Sound: Using noise cancelling earphones is highly preferable choice of music listeners these days because it allows them to completely remove the outside distraction voices while they are listening to music.

This is actually good if you look from this perspective but it also makes you unaware of other important voices around you. The best way to handle this situation is to use the noise cancelling earphone whenever it is necessary. Never wear these earphones when you are on the road.

2. Accidents Due To Careless Use Of Earphones: When you are listening music then it is quite common that you don’t pay attention to the surrounding and that can be highly dangerous when you are in the location where you can be in the contact of incoming and outgoing vehicles.

In order to avoid such harm due to careless use of earphone, you should never wear earphone while you are crossing the street or while you are in the crowded area. You should wear earphones only when you are alone and when you don’t have any risk possibilities around you.

3. Ear Infection Due To Earphone Sharing: When two people use one earphone by sharing then this does sound very affectionate act but this can be really very harmful for your ear. There is a possibility of infection due to exchange of germs.

The only way to avoid such harm while sharing the earphone with another person is to clean the earphone with tissue paper and sanitize it before use so that you can get rid of all germs and infection causing bacteria.

4. NIHL (Noise Induced Hearing Loss) Due To Loud Music: There are so many people who like loud music but it is not good for health to regularly listen to the loud music. It is necessary for you to prefer medium sound so that you can avoid causing harm to your ear tissues.

It is best to hear music on medium or low volume if you are a regular music listener so that you can avoid any temporary or permanent harm for your hearing. Or, the best way is to listen the music through speakers instead of using earphone.

5. Using Earphone While Traveling Is Worst: When you are traveling then it is not good for your bodily health to listen music. Use of earphone can be really very harmful because when you are in any vehicle like bus or train then the noise reaches to decibel level which is definitely too loud for ears.

The best way to avoid this situation is to avoid use of earphone and avoid listening music while you are traveling. In fact, when you are in the crowded and noisy place, you should not use an earphone for listening music. You can use noise cancellation earphones for such situations to protect ears from noise.

6. Hearing Loss Due To Regular Use Of Earphone: If you will use earphone regularly without taking breaks then this could be really very harmful for your ears and it could even result in temporary or permanent hearing loss.

If you want to make sure that your regular use of earphone does not affect negatively on your hearing, then you should ensure that you take breaks every now and then so that your ears can get some time for relaxation. It is highly important thing to do in order to keep your ears healthy.

7. Sleek And In-Ear Earphones Are Worst For Eardrums: Sometimes people use sleek and compact in-ear earphone because they are inspired by the movies where detective and secret agents wear small earphones that are almost invisible to the general audience. Use of it could be very bad for the ears.

Since they are too close to your ear, it is quite natural that they will harm your eardrums more than general earphone. That is why, it is highly preferred that you don’t use sleek earphones regularly just because you are attracted to them. Use of general earphones is best and most suitable choice.