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You can become the hope of anyone but firstly just find yourself

I'm sharing the experiences of my life. And it is for all those people who think that they cannot do anything in their life. "LIVE FOR OTHERS, LIVE FOR OTHERS HAPPINESS"- Jasbir Singh

Hello friends, its me Jasbir Singh. 19 years old.I'm traveler,chef,social entrepreneur,writer,founder and president of NGO named as "YOUTH FOUNDATION". Everyone's life is full of hurdles whether he is a rich or a poor. You have to find the right way and just fight with them. So, here was my life journey laid out. Earlier I was very confused and shy person. I didn't know what i will do in future. I stared out trying to escape my life when all of sudden it hit me. But slowly slowly when time goes I learned so many things. If you have no experience in your life then it means u have not learned anything from your life. In every ones life the main problem is they can't figure out that what they are???, what they have to do?? 

Everyone has their childhood memories. But I have no childhood memories. Because i didn't enjoy my childhood. I didn't play 'KNACHHES'. I didn't fly kites. I didn't run bicycle. I had no friends. I didn't know the love of parents. But when i come to the age of 14. I left my hostel life and came to my home Jammu and Kashmir. Then there i saw the beggars, the street hawkers and their children, poor people. I felt very bad. Then i realized that I'm very lucky. I have everything in my life. I realized the pain of poor children who have not enough food to eat in three times in a day, they were not receiving the education, they have no proper shelter. Then i took the pledge that i will never complain about the things. 

I started teaching. I taught 25 poor children. Whenever i was going to teach them they motivate me that how to face the hurdles, pain of life. Then i decided that i will definitely open an NGO in future. I learned one thing in my life that "EVERYONE IS LIVE FOR HIS/HER SELF, LIVE FOR OTHERS, LIVE FOR OTHERS HAPPINESS". And these words always give me motivation to do the right things in my life. Today's youth is very energetic, passionate and very eager to learn something in their life. But they have lack of patience. They can't wait for a minute. We are also doing same thing. If they fail in one thing they think that they have poor destiny then they loose their patience and committed suicide. 

These type of things we are watching when anyone fail in their exams or mostly when their girlfriend leave them. Parents also play a very important role in the life of their children. If they are not motivating in their life then obviously their children get demotivated. In today's scenario most of peoples wants that their children get good marks, become a doctor, engineer, scientist etc. But no one is asking to his/her children what you want to do?? I'm not criticizing that become a doctor, engineer, scientist is bad thing. 

A famous line said by Steve Jobes “The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you’ve found it.”Just keep look into yourself and find yourself. Find what you want to do in your life? And when you find the answer no one can stop you to achieve those goals. Always learn in your life and keep experiences. If you fail in one thing, do another thing, if you again fail don't loose patience. Just say i want to do something in my life, i want to do something in my life, i want to do something in my life. .And i will do at the last of my breath. Then no one can stop you to do that thing.


Whenever i see these children they motivate me. These are those who have not even basic things in their life but they are not complaining.

When me and my team opened Youth Foundation then after 2 weeks we went to slum areas in Jalandhar city. There i saw these children they have not enough food to eat, no shelter and even they have not clothes to wear. In nutshell, we can say that they were lacking from basic needs. I had small conversation with them and their parents. Then i came to know that they are very talented one is dancing like a Prabhudeva his leg moments seriously mind blowing. I was totally shocked. And i also asked that you don't like studies and what was their answer they said," Bhaiya agr hum pdhe ge toh kamaye ga kaun" and these words put tears in my life. And we are blaming to god for our failures. I want to say that don't blame anyone for our failures, blame yourself and keep moving in your life. Keep experiencing the things, learn new things, travel around the world, meet new people. This will change your mentality, your way of life.And may be you can become the hope of anyone; but firstly find yourself.


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