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Getting Clicked with Awesome Online Content

The only way your company will flourish online is if it delivers quality content. Here are the best ways to make your company leapfrog the competition on SERPs. 

Getting Clicked with Awesome Online Content

Tuesday October 17, 2017,

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The whole purpose of online marketing is to make your product or service more visible to potential customers so that ultimately, they view and purchase what you’re selling. However, this process becomes all the more difficult when your website is being buried behind your competitors. Along with PPC, one of the best ways to gain visibility for a company is to generate online content. Content can take the form of a video, articles, photos, infographic, etc. If you’re not producing content you’re not allowing your company the opportunity to find new customers. Here’s how to get started with your content strategy.

Create Click-Worthy Content

The first rule to using content to boost your SERP (search-engine results page) ranking is to create content that people deem valuable. If your aim is to create ‘foot-traffic’ to your blog you’ll need to produce something that fills a void. If you’re generating content for content’s sake you’re doing it wrong. When writing an article for an external website, scour the external website for the articles and sections that readers deem to be the most valuable. Always create a piece of content with the intention of answering a question that hasn’t been answered. Perhaps you not only answer a question that a reader has, but identify an impending question and answer it in one article.

Content Seeding

Now that you’ve got amazing content on your hands, it’s time to share it with the world; one way to do this is by seeding. The purpose of content seeding is to find internet communities that might be receptive to your content and will ultimately share it with others. Don’t feel pressured to be the Johnny Appleseed of content spreading. Allot a certain amount of time to researching your target audience before you drop your seed. The smartest seeders identify influencers within certain communities. As you can infer, these people control a certain amount of influence over certain communities. With one share from an influencer your content can be seen by thousands of people. To reiterate, the only way you’re going to have these influencers sharing your content is if you publish time-sensitive, quality content that fills a void. The greatest pro of using this tactic to spread your content is that you won’t be spending a dime on finding quality external websites that’ll spread your content. The downside is that you never know how many eyes will eventually find their way to your content.

Link Building

The less organic way  of creating visibility for an ecommerce website is to find websites that will publish your content. These websites can be free but usually come at a cost. Posting content to reputable websites with a link back to the ecommerce website that it’s intended to promote will have an effect on your SERP ranking. When on the prowl for potential websites to post content to you’ll need to consider what the purpose of the website is as well as how often it’s visited. If the site is congruent with your website and if it’s receiving visitors, you might want to consider reaching out to the site and publishing an article. These are the basics of link building.