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Points to consider while designing your home


Thinking of getting your house redone? Or designed for the first time? Want it to be perfect? You want to pawn off the headache of supervising every move of the workers? You need an interior designer. Below are the things to consider before hiring an interior designer:

1) Budget

Budget is not just a price range. When you start a new design project or think of renovating your house, you always talk about the money, right? Well, that's when the role of budget comes into play. And remember one thing, a good designer will not only provide you the appropriate service but also design a space and source appropriate fittings that suit your budget while also being in your style. So keep your budget according to your needs, and some extra money because sometimes a little extra expenditure can occur. And just so you know, customers who know their budgets always get the most of the services.

2) Interior designer vs Interior decorator: what's the difference?

Fun fact, more than 60% of the people don’t know the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator. There is a common misconception that these two services are one and the same. Understanding the difference between them is the key to a successful project. An interior designer considers lighting, sound, layout, safety and they will be versed in building codes and regulations. They will work alongside architects, structural engineers and contractors. BUT an interior decorator will not be involved in the building layout and mainly works with existing spaces. Their focus is on furniture, colors and spaces.

3) Make a contract

You already know that it’s always good to have a contract or a document that clearly States the requirements, services, payment and payment schedule. Make your designer sign the agreement and give a copy to him or her. Make sure you have the original agreement with you. And before handing over the agreement to the designer, read the agreement again.

4) Location

Before hiring an Interior Designer you must know which places are to be considered for designing. Which rooms are spaces will they be helping you with? Keep in mind that material such as hardwood or plywood flooring might involve more rooms in your home. And this might add up to your budget. So keep all these factors in mind before hiring an Interior Designer.

5) Temporary Accommodations

Now a big question comes here, where will you be staying in the interim?

Since you are renovating or redesigning or designing your house, you need another place to live for the time being. This might seem a little weird to you but consider your kitchen and bathroom are being renovated or designed. Isn't that exciting? But wait, can you live without a kitchen and bathroom for a few weeks? Of course not. Then think about accommodations while your house is being redone.

Understanding these tricks of the trade will keep your relationship with your interior designer friendly and smooth. If your professional relationship is on track and you understand how things work, you'll be satisfied with the final outcome and possibly under budget.


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