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Journey into Entrepreneurship!

I took sabbatical from my banking career in 2007 to start my entrepreneurial innings and started with a Records Management Services Company (www.archiverms.com) . I felt that there is a big gap in India as far as management of physical documents is concerned, they are at best stored by few corporates otherwise simply dumped. Also there were very few players in this activity.

Yes the initial years were tough as no big client was ready to trust their records on us, hence it took us almost 5 years to reach our first 5000 boxes, the sixth year we doubled to 10000 boxes, the seventh year we were 20000 boxes, the eighth year we inched towards the 30000 boxes mark, in the running ninth year we are already around 40000 boxes and expecting around 20000 boxes from a client. We are at present only operating out of Ahmedabad hence unable to target bigger clients with multi city operations.

As it happens in individual driven businesses, I could carry it on till now with all my savings and loans from my friends and relatives but to take it to the next level wherein we should be present in around 20 locations Pan-India, we should be able to imbibe business of smaller players like us in different centers thus helping them move out and also in consolidating the business to take on the giants like Writers Corporation, Iron Mountain, Crown Records Management etc., we need a different thought process, a new team!

Apart from storage services, we are also into digitizing and are currently scanning over 10 lakh pages a month for our clients. We are looking at capacity expansion in this area also.

This year we should end up with a topline of over 1.2 cr and a bottom line of around 40 lakh. That's a far cry from the Goliaths of the industry whom would like to take head on! Our strengths being the team, all from nearby villages trained by us over the years. A few of them are 'Divyang', look forward to have more of them in our team. The other strength is our service delivery, our clients vouch for that!

Our clientele is from a plethora of industries like Banking, Micro Finance, Hospitals, Clinical Research, Pharmaceuticals, Logistics, Jewelry, Broking Houses, IT etc. And our dream is to be the Top Records Management Company In India in next 5 years, after that we would set out to conquer the world. But without professional support might just remain a small player!

In case our story looks interesting, kindly do let me know of any further information you might want.


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