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Social Media Marketing Companies In India Focusing On live streaming Videos & Live Streaming Videos Content

Live streaming on Facebook reached record-breaking numbers around in India. Live content is on the growth in India. More than 10% of marketers analyze in 2016, according to Social Media marketing companies, more than 35% plan to use interactive video 2016. There are lots of online streaming sites and software platforms out there.In addition to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter launched their versions of live video streaming.

Most of the companies are using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to live stream events. Companies are publishing multiple live videos in a series, providing more options for engagement. Because of this approach aims to keep your followers engaged with your brand. For digital branding, companies are using live video for customer service by Questions & Answers sessions for product launching. These videos drive engagement.

Mobile Advertising Growing-India

Social Media marketing companies expect more investment in mobile advertising in India. So more than 70% of brands on Facebook that pay to promote ads will have to get creative and design visual, engaging ads to get noticed first. Twitter’s ad revenue is increasing, especially in the mobile format. Twitter continues experimenting with visual content, such as sponsored hashtag icons and stickers, to provide several of ad options to users.

Ecommerce Sales On Social media In India Increase

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest offer directly purchase products from their apps, and Snapchat started testing and rolling out ecommerce features in 2016. More than 50% of consumers following brands on social media products for sale, and 30% of online shoppers using social media especially for new product to purchase. Most of customers prefer to watch a video about a new product in India and share them on social media. Most of the People from India come to social media to interact with interesting content. Survey in India respondents relied on social media for only for these and encourage online shopping, Product demo videos on social media.

Brands Using Messaging apps For Customer Services In India

Multiple Companies are using messaging apps to communicate with customers in India, Now completely changing the way customer service. And messaging for customer service is more cost effective for businesses and providing a better experience for the customer, big & small companies can solve their problems quickly & easily.

Messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat & several other apps to text messaging, messaging apps are used more than 3 billion users worldwide, and it is big advantages for companies this presence. These apps provide a faster and easier way for customers services in India.

Short Live Videos 

Short Live videos on Snapchat and Instagram are a great way to showcase brand’s personality with authentic, unscripted, unpolished content. Content idea for short stories include Snapchat started the small live videos & visual content sharing trend, and Instagram recently launched a similar disappearing video feature but with the ability to share live video.

1. Live events

2. Daily or weekly video series

3. Behind-the-scenes looks

4. Announcements or product reveals

5. User chooses what content to share

6. How to videos

7. Contests and giveaways

8. Interviews

9. Recipes

10. Holidays 

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