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7 Most Important Habits That Changed My Life


1. Set Goals

Without goals, there is nothing to work towards to. Goals create the will inside you to work hard, hard enough to achieve them one day. So, setting a goal is the starting point on the road to success.

2. Learn Something New Everyday

This might sound tedious but you need to learn the entire Chinese Language in a day, it can be something small. Like why China is called China or where did Dragon Chicken originate. If reading is not your forte, try learning an activity like stitching, making a new dish, etc. Okay, all this might sound irrelevant and useless. But knowledge and information is always useful. And you will most probably benefit from them one way or the other.

3. Overcome Your Negatives

No human being is perfect. Even if you think that you are a good person, there are sure to be some bad elements in your character. And most often than not, you will know what those elements are. Try to get rid of them, it is not easy, but with enough effort, you can become free of at least some of them. This would drastically change your life.

4. Say No To Procrastination

Procrastination is like a disease that only gets more serious the more you do it. It negatively affects your life. So, next time you feel like procrastinating something, don’t. Instead, start doing it right away.

5. Follow Your Passion

This is something everyone seems to realize. When you follow your passion, you are more likely to be happy. Yes, there may be factors preventing you from chasing your passion, and you might feel like you have a lot more to lose than gain by doing it, but sometimes, sacrifice is what a happy life requires.

6. Stay Healthy

How is this important? Well, you may become a successful person in life with a lot of money but if you are not healthy enough to enjoy all that success, what is the success really worth? Eat right, exercise and cut off habits that harm your life. The difference having a good healthy body creates is enormous.

7. Love Yourself

This perhaps is the most important thing of all. If you do not love yourself, no one else indeed will. Do not change yourself for anyone or anything, be you. The world does have a place for everyone, and you will find yours eventually.


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