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How These Women Are Changing the Game of Travel Industry - TravlOnCards

Small Town Women Are Also Stepping Out and Traveling

How These Women Are Changing the Game of Travel Industry - TravlOnCards

Monday December 12, 2016,

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The era where the world is changing at rapid speed, women are no longer wishing to stay behind in any way from others. Be it sports, science, business, they are not only fulfilling the responsibilities towards their home, husband, in-laws, kids, kitchen, but they are also stepping out of their fear-zone & comfort-zone of four-walls oh home & kitchen & proving their mettle at work-place.

Today's women is reading, learning, mastering the arts of different fields. Today's women not just limited to preparing meals, they are experimenting and becoming expert in different cultural cuisine, skills, art, & sports. Any not only this, they are now breaking the shackles and barriers of traveling. They are exploring the world, they are not merely "Liking" the pictures on Facebook, they are coming out, they are reaching there, getting clicked and exploring the world on their own. We have various examples in India like - PV Sindhu, Saina Nehwal, Sania Mirza, Sakshi MalikIndra Nooyi, Chanda Kochhar, Shikha Sharma to name a few who have come across as winners in their field, because they believed in themselves and their dreams & they dared to step-out and take the stand in their life.

This venture TravlOnCards started by females is breaking the stereotype associated with Women Traveling. When the country was gripped with various incident of women-atrocities, this venture was helping women to be bold, be confident, was teaching women how to be brave enough to travel to uncharted territories. The company is organizing various Women-Group Tours within India and outside and giving them opportunity to meet new people, understand their culture, learn their art, feel the real issues of the local area & help build a wonderful world. 

A stil from <b>TravlOnCards </b> Women Group Tour To Leh Ladakh  in May 2016.

A stil from TravlOnCards  Women Group Tour To Leh Ladakh  in May 2016.

The company strongly believes that every Women can achieve anything, all she needs is a right guidance and determination. And for this, they need to move out and travel, see different places, because when you travel, you open yourself, your knowledge horizon expands and the will to achieve something in life takes a sharp surge. Thus, they prepare entire trip, does all the home-works, visits the place in advance to check and to see everything falls in places, make the trip live on their website & facebook page and women across India, with different educational background, experience, journey come together & travel, share their stories of struggle & success. This gives every women traveler in the group a sense of confidence, a determination to successful, a purpose to not give-up in life & thus a journey not only gives them glimpse of the beautiful world, it gives them a learning & friendships of lifetime. 

Who are the Ladies Behind TravlOnCards?

The journey started with solo trips by Monika to various location within India ranging from Goa, Leh Ladakh, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Kasol, Hyderabad, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Udaipur, Delhi, etc. Later on it was joined by two another amazing powerful women Shikha and Nidhi, who handles various back-end functioning and advisory roles at the company. However the company also has one male co-founder Ankit, to ensure everything from hotels, flights, meals, vehicle, safety, etc. are in place from the back-end. As Monika states "We take women safety as our highest most priority, because I know, we are making someone's wife, someone's mother, someone's daughter travel with us, and it is the family's trust in us, that makes us even more responsible towards their safety and security."

<b>TravlOnCards</b> Founder - (from left to right) <i><b>Shikha, Monika & Nidhi </b></i>

TravlOnCards Founder - (from left to right) Shikha, Monika & Nidhi 

"We take women safety and security as our major priority. Most of our new travelers are mainly from the recommendation and reviews of our previous customers who had a delightful experience on our trips."

How Did The Idea of Women Traveling Club generate?

Monika Adds, "During my college days, whenever I had to travel for any event in other city, be it some competition, seminar or any cultural event, my family was always concerned about my safety. For them women traveling out is the most unsafe thing in this country. This thought of the family made me deprived of various learning opportunities and not to forget the confidence one get while they travel. So I made it a point in my life, that I will travel and I will make women travel. I will bring the change in the society and prove that women can achieve anything. They are not meant to be bound within four-walls. And thus, the universe took me into the direction of forming TravlOnCards - A Women Travel Club."

What different is TravlOnCards doing in the Travel Industry?

For starter, TravlOnCards is organizing trips which includes learning, about local culture, local arts. Also apart from this we are catering all the section of the society. We have women travelers, who prefer Luxury Trips, while some of the women wanderers prefer Backpackers trips, some other look for Adventure Trips and some look for pure rejuvenating Wellness Trips. Thus we are giving what customers are looking for. The most exciting and amazing project that we are bringing soon is a "Women Entrepreneurs Trip" which will bring the budding women entrepreneurs and start-up directors on a journey. This will help them to bond in live-environment and not just only via social-channels. They will be able to discuss their ideas, their challenges, their innovations and journey of ups & downs and make real time connections, which doesn't happen via mails. Moreover this trip will have some renowned and experienced business women from various industries to share their insights, experience and journey as a business-women.

"From Yoga to Pranayam, from Bunjee Jumping, Scuba-diving or Sky-Diving to Spa & Wine-testing, from Beach, Cruise or Mountain to Road-tripTravlOnCards has trips for everyone women."
(<b>TOC Women Group</b> at the world's highest  motorable road - <b>Khardungla </b>18380 ft.)

(TOC Women Group at the world's highest  motorable road - Khardungla 18380 ft.)

Where Do You Plan to Go Next?

"Well, we target to cover Europe, Ireland, Sweden, Finland very soon. However, as of now, we are heading to Andaman, Thailand, Sri-Lanka, Dubai, Leh-Ladakh, Goa, Kerela, Meghalay, Bhutan in our recent trips. Soon we will be heading to other parts of the world as well. New Zealand is what we also wish to travel in 2017. The world has so many beautiful place and one should travel as much as possible when they are young and fit, because traveling teaches you a lot. Traveling is the only investment that makes your rich." Says Ankit

(A Women Wandering Group of <b>TravlOnCards</b> enjoying the bone-fire in the laps of Himalayas. Location - <b>Nubra</b>. Temp: 2 degree Celsius approx.)

(A Women Wandering Group of TravlOnCards enjoying the bone-fire in the laps of Himalayas. Location - Nubra. Temp: 2 degree Celsius approx.)

Any specific reason for missing the "E" from TravlOnCards?

"Yes, we eagerly wait for travelers to ask this question. Well, we all have been so engrossed in our digital world, facebook, whatsapp are taking most of our time, we rarely enjoy the real world, real beauty of nature. We are just constantly running to meet our tragets, our deadlines, and that makes Essential E’s of life (and e from TravlOnCards) are go missing, so together we decided to get back the Excitement, the Energy, the Enthusiasm, and Everything that gives every woman Everlasting cherishing lifetime memories. By going on a trip, a women can not only discover new things, but she can relax, meet new people, and make friends, and revive the lost confidence in her."

Any message for our readers?

"Live your dream. There might be no second chance. Do not wait for the right time or right opportunity. Do it right now. Move out of your comfort-zone. Conquer your fears & see the powerful YOU. Explore, Travel, Learn & Repeat"

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