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4 Instagram marketing tips you don’t want to miss

Top Instagram tips that you have to know in 2018

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Last year in April Instagram announced that it has reached 700 million Instagrammers. It is hard to believe that a few years back a lot of people didn’t even know what this thing is and how to use this app. However, today, there’s a totally different picture and to be true, even our parents have joined Instagram.

Since everybody is either using or about to join Instagram, it is a perfect go-to option for marketing your brand and business. However, with an audience that big, how do you expect to outshine your marketing strategy? It’s tough, isn’t it? Instagram today has 1 million advertisers and an active community of 25 million businesses. It is evolving, and as you are reading this, many people are signing up.

We have some excellent marketing tips that will give you reliable and useful information and help you develop a great marketing plan.

1. You target audience on Instagram prefers creative and valuable information

Instagram is a great platform to reach your target audience and make an exceptional impression. However, it is essential to give information that your audience wants to see. If you are posting without analyzing what your viewer wants, then you are not going anywhere.

Approximately, 25.2 % of Instagram users are in their late twenties or early thirties, which means you are dealing with young minds. These professionals and individuals do not pay attention to information that is not useful for them.

So, the strategy takeaway is to give them something they would love to know about you. Tell your users how your brand is unique and what makes you different from the crowd. Another thing to keep in mind here is to use visually attractive and appealing pictures.

2. Be consistent but don’t congest your user’s feed with your posts

It is self-explanatory that if you post a lot, your users may get frustrated and unfollow you. Everybody uses Instagram but not to see only your business posts. It is okay to post 1-2 times in a day but more than that is simply not going to work in your favor.

The key is to post consistently and not just on Instagram, on any social network. Maintain consistency and give your users something constantly. The right way to do this is to stick to your post schedule and don’t break the flow. If you are inconsistent, you can lose your followers.

3. Annalise what is your best time to post

There is no correct time to post for all types of businesses, you have to find your best time.

Here’s how you can do this: you have to go by hypotheses. Post on popular timings, add a few hashtags, tweak your visuals, include emoji’s, refer a link, or refer a link in the bio. Try different combinations to see how your target audience responds. However, here, one thing remains true, post consistently.

In no time, you’ll start noticing what type of posts are getting more comments and likes. Then you have to make a list of top posts, dig in the strategy, and start working.

4. Pay attention to Instagram stories

Instagram stories get more views. People may not check, like, or comment on your post but they will see your story.

Instagram stories generate around 35% more traffic than posts. If you regularly post Instagram stories then you can increase your viewers to a significant amount.

If you are confused about what and how to post on your Instagram story, then go back to the hypotheses method. Post about your products, services, events, and other activities, it will help you figure out what works best for you.


There’s no right or wrong way of analyzing a digital strategy, it is all about what works for you. However, these above tricks and tips can help you increase your followers and customers. The digital world largely influences our choices these days, so, get to work, and find your perfect marketing strategy.