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How we created a new category in personalised gifts: Photo Lamps

The personalised gift market is dominated by Chinese sublimation products 
Little background: personalised gifts 

Most of the personalised products we find online or in gift stores such as mugs, bottles, T-shirts, caps and ceramic plates, among other things, are printed using heat transfer sublimation technology. All of these products have sublimation coating and are imported from China. 

"Every shop and online store has the same or similar gifts. We wanted to change this and develop a unique range of personalised gifts" 

We wanted to bring new and unique personalised gifts 

We at Handmade Junction wanted to change the way this market works and introduce a completely unique range of personalised gift items that are not available elsewhere. Then, one day (June - July 2014) one of our customers asked us to make a photo Lamp. We loved the idea and did our best to source a lamp locally and convert it into photo lamp. Below are some of the images of the photo lamp, which we were selling through our Handmade Junction Facebook Page as we didn't have a website then. 

Our Photo Lamps in 2014 

We were getting several orders but somehow we were not happy with the quality. So, we started working on improving the quality and developed a wooden base, a heat resistant acrylic pipe and a special sheet for printing. Below are the images of our improved lamp: 

New & Improved Photo Lamp 

Search Traffic: Photo Lamp 

Over the years search traffic for photo lamps increased substantially and we are receiving ~10 orders per day on an average. Below is the search traffic for Photo Lamps from Google Keyword Planner:

Google Search Traffic  

New Variants

Over the years we have developed new variants of our photo lamps, we have more than eight different designs of Photo Lamps: 

In the past few years we have made lamps in all shapes and sizes to suit the needs of our clients and one can choose their photo lamp according to their requirement. The latest addition to the photo lamp family is a revolving photo lamp which has been made after multiple requests from customers.

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