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Jux Pux

Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

Jux Pux, an out of the box name accompanied by energetic techies is purely an example of sheer passion and dedication. Pulkit Arora, the Founder of the company started this entity in March’2015 at the world's 6th most expensive market: CBRE's survey, an outlet which is specialized in serving cold & hot beverages like shakes, smoothies, lemonades, flavored lassi, flavored tea, coffee, hot milk, to compliment beverages they have quick bites and icing on the top is their ice creams.

The company is backed by two strong headed shoulders of Simran Jeet Singh (a civil engineer) and Nipun Bhardwaj (a software professional) who are the co-founders of the company.

The founding team says, vendors selling juices and shakes could be spotted easily on any corner of the street but their unhealthy serving is actually the cause of menacing diseases. Jux Pux’s preparation is done in a clean and sanitized environment and they keep in mind that the freshness of fruits is preserved. They don’t believe in serving conventional flavors and focus on mixing and giving options like customization so that the customer can customize the food as per their taste.

Presently, Jux Pux is operative in outlets/café parlors at New Delhi, Agra, Ghaziabad, Bangalore and Hyderabad. With a strong PAN India presence Jux Pux is expanding rapidly across the country. For any brand, coming into franchise mode is a difficult scenario as the customer needs to be firstly satisfied with your taste and secondly needs to be convinced that your business can give equally good returns. Jux Pux has outcasted this norm as well, indeed they are expanding on franchise model and when it comes to their present outlets only the ones in Delhi and agra are company owned, rest are coming on franchise model.

As the name is out of the box so is the thinking of the team, As Jux Pux is a startup so they understand the pain points of startups, that’s why Jux Pux’s café parlor provides co-working spaces to startups. And time to time they organize events for startups in various formats, infact they have helped for fund raising also

The founding team says, they want to provide friendly environment to the startups because starting something new itself need a lot of courage, many a times you don’t get your family support, society criticizes you, financial support, etc., Jux Pux has gone through all, so we would like to help in the growth of startup ecosystem, because ultimately every startup idea is focused on growth of our mother nation. Infact, in few cities Jux Pux is among the admin authorities of startup communities. Jux Pux offers subsidized meal plan for start-ups.

Recently, one of the top 25 Indian Company have appreciated Jux Pux’s quality and have rewarded a space for Cafe Lounge inside their campus. Jux Pux was also featured in Agra Times of India.

Definitely, these engineers cum working professionals cum entrepreneurs cum juice wala’s cum startup mentors are providing profitability to inspiring entrepreneurs and the country.

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