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Adited- The New Work-Ecosystem

The story about the first coworking space of Indore,how it all began and how swiftly it gained popularity.
"Collaboration is the software,Coworking is the hardware."


Mr.Abhinandan Gupta is the man behind this concept of first coworking space in Indore. After graduating from Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communications, he worked as a Media Planner with Madison Communictions in Mumbai. He started Adited in Nov 2015 as an advertising and brand consultancy agency. After sensing the need of the hour, he narrowed down the branding services and started focusing on coworking culture in Indore from Aug 2016.

About Adited :

 Adited’s coworking model is one of a kind. It focuses on not just renting out the seats of the office, but also bringing about the coworking revolution in Indore. Indore is a city with a virgin market, and people are always up for something new. Coming up with a workplace where everything is as flexible as the user wants it to be , providing the leeway to work round the clock , and also the added benefit of being a part of a community of like minded individuals to exchange resources and ideas, which is also guided by eminent mentors was just what the booming culture of Indore needed. Abhinandan sensed the need of the hour and created a plan which is not a business model but a model which promotes the startup and coworking culture.

Dedicated Sections for teams

The identity of being a full service marketing agency remains undissolved, as the coworking model also provides branding services to co-workers , better known as ADITORS.

Hot desks for creative minds

Adited is the first coworking space not only in Indore, but Madhya Pradesh as well. The coworking space,also known as the ADITORY , boasts the first mover advantage. Within 3 months of its inception, the space already has full occupancy which consists of aditors from varied sectors of business. Also, within a year of being established, the second coworking space ADITED 2.0 would be opened. Through the coworking model, Adited has not only brought about a new culture in Indore, but has also helped a number of startups to set themselves up. The aditory has provided freelancers and startups with a workspace for all their operations, a state of the art conference room for their professional meetings and training session , round the clock access for everyone to work at their convenience and most importantly - being a part of an ever growing community of talented individuals.


Coworking benefits at Adited:

- One gets to work from one of the most prime locations of the city. This not only facilitates easy commute but also boosts business.

- 24*7 access to office, which makes it convenient for everyone to work at the time when they are the most productive. This also helps freelancers and/or startups who are catering off shore clients and hence need to manage the time differences.

- Networking benefits -startups, freelancers and corporates from pan India are already working at Adited. One can exchange resources and ideas and every coworker can grow together!

-Adited provides every facility and ammenity one can possible dream of,right from high speed internet to round the clock access. Aditory has got every need covered!

State of the art conference room for training sessions and meetings

- We keep conducting CSR activities, seminars and monthly parties to keep the working environment alive. There is never a dull moment at our workspace!

Visit to old age home for Diwali Celebration.


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