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New tactic of offline advertisement

Giving a new direction to the offline media advertisement concept by connecting youth.

Hello aspirants,

My name is Manish Sharma, Jaipur. I always wants to be an entrepreneur. I started my corporate journey from The Oberoi Group as a Accounts executive at Rajvillas property, after that i moved to one CA firm and handling many audits of reputed companies like ITC LTD. & HUL LTD. 

Face behind the Satyaki Advertisers

Let me tell you how I get the idea of starting a business of advertisement on notebooks cover page. In 2016, I meet my business partner named Mr. Sunil Jangir during audit of ITC Ltd., he is the guy with the same dream. The journey of becoming an entrepreneur is started here in 2016 and we opt out from the job and start doing a business with an idea of being business consultant, for that we take a credit of very small amount from our friend to start the business, that is our first start up funding but after 7-8 months we found that we are not getting any positive response from the target market, after doing a quest for searching the reason of failure of my business plan I conclude that we are not getting response because our marketing approach is not so effective. Any of the business start up fails due to wrong marketing decision and possibly they can't choose better marketing approach due to lack of fund at initial stage. Thus, here I found the idea of offline marketing which is cost effective and gives the long term market response from the target market. Advertisement on the notebooks cover pages is best marketing tool for those company who are dealing with youth of the country. Only the notebooks is the media to reach the mass youngster in single shot of investment. Notebooks is the most important media to present products graphically on the cover pages, any brand can use this technique specially coaching centres, E-commerce websites, school, colleges, hospitals and many more. I tell you more about this by example suppose any company spent thousand of rupees in distributing pamphlets and hoardings but still they did not get any better return on their investments done on advertisement and it is so costly, we all know that whether it is pamphlet or hoardings or it may be FM radio no one promises you the regular attention of your potential customer but our advertisement on the notebooks cover page is purely able to give you good market response and long term attention from the customers. This is the only tool who can penetrate the mind of the customer and keep your brand in front of their desk for the long time. This is so cost effective method of marketing any small business persons can also afford it, Currently we are serving our services to many reputed companies and educational institutions. For making any idea successful first "Believe" in your idea and give your best to "Achieve" the goal. My whole success belongs to my father Mr. Om Prakash Sharma (my only idol who inspired me always), my mother Mrs. Kesar Sharma and my sister Ms. Mini Sharma, one more hand is behind me but I can't disclose over here. :) 

Advertisement on the notebooks is a new tactic and it gives you very long time marketing benefit and this will help your company to reach vast range of potential customer directly at very low cost. We believe that we could deliver great benefits to our clients from advertising with us.

"Good advertising does not just circulate information. It penetrates the public mind with desires and belief for the long time"

Here we work on this principle because for the brand it's necessary to be always in the eyes of people for continuous increment on the brand value and for this our new prospects of advertisement should be helpful for every type of business to get desirable outcomes from the target market.

Manish Sharma (Founder & Partner)


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