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Social media for a social cause, is this what the world needs now?

A startup focused on transforming the world with giving power to the people.

According to a survey, 90% Of customers say buying decisions are influenced by online reviews and if they are your social friends then the number is increased to 97%. People are keen on searching an area or a restaurant's reviews before visiting that place. Online Reviews are ruling the internet and psychology of the masses in the last couple of years.On the other hand talking about the businesses, a company only hear from its 4% of its customers and 97% of the people do not know the power of reviews and do not review a business or product even after being unhappy with it.

Is online reviews the future of the internet and customer service? Is online reviews the most powerful thing written by the black ink on the internet? A startup focused on giving power to the people via launching a social application to share and rate an experience whether good or bad. It might be the first social website for review and ratings. They believe that the internet needs a social platform where people can share their life experiences by rating and reviewing things they buy and use, places they visit , food they eat, services they use, and things they experience in day to day life. These rating and reviews not only help the customers but also helps the business owners to make their product, services and business better. A two way communication between customers and companies is required to make consumers life and experience better in the next digital age to come and as we say it's time to give power in consumers hand.

The founder of this startup Anupam Sharma says, "I faced so many problems in daily life, i was frustrated and if you try to go against the system people would say, Do whatever you can do. I wanted to change and stand up against it but they didn't let me. My car was destroyed and asked me to stay away."

We might have seen it in movies but this is the way the world works. Each and every person in the world is powerful at their level and can scare you to hell. The Same thing is faced by hundreds and thousands of people around the globe each and every day but the only thing they lack is a way to broadcast it to the world.  I am sure you might have heard about that facebook post which led to an arrest. Two Mumbai girls arrested for Facebook post against Bal Thackeray get bail. These two girls were just arrested to post against Bal Thackeray who already has many criminal cases against him. Twitter is being used for tweeting complaints, Amitabh Bachchan posted a complaint on twitter against Vodaphone and it was resolved within 3 minutes along with 1000+ more complaints being posted as comments on the tweets about the Vodaphone bad service. 

The idea was simple, to develop a social website with the power of rating and reviewing and broadcasting it to people around you ( 5-10kms ) to resolve it or support it. Using push notifications to notify people about negative experiences around them instantly and anonymously without risk of revealing their identity.

The idea is amazing and is being developed by the enlte team. We are not sure what will happen and how people will use their power. But we are sure something and exciting is coming soon. 


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