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Every Saving Is A Earning 



In marketing, there are so many things for promotional offerings to promote a website or a product. From those promotional activities, Coupons is one of the major promotional activity.

Coupons are used to get discount or cashback for a user desired product or purchase. These coupons are different for different products, categories and stores. Specific Coupon is used to get specific discount of specific purchase. These coupons are made and published by the stores only.

Ohoo is an online website which is making a platform for users to find best deals, coupons, discounts and cashback offers for wide range of online portals which allows users to shop and buy things.

Ohoo not only provides coupons, deals, cashback and discount offers for the online portals, it also provides offers, coupons and deals for the local merchants of local areas. That means Ohoo gives an option to go to the nearest local store, make your choice of product and give the coupons code or QR code that was generated by Ohoo which avails the discount offer that user found on the Ohoo website.

Why we are different:

Ohoo is different from other competitors, as they only offer the online coupons & deals which was made by the stores and promote them at their websites. But, Ohoo makes a price comparison between the online and local merchants and allows the user to take the best decision which also gives user a opportunity to buy a product from the local merchant which the same discount while having a personal look with their own eyes.