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These Top 3 Chatbot Success Stories Might Encourage You To Build Your Own Chatbot!

Planning to build a chatbot? Then you would want to hear these 3 chatbot success stories! They were built and scaled to success. Really insightful stories to hear

Planning to build a chatbot? Then you would want to hear these 3 chatbot success stories! They were built and scaled to success. Really insightful stories to hear. But I don’t want to burden you with heavy introductions. And one thing, the stories I am going to tell is about big birds, but every other in the AI arena has many things to learn from them. Let me reveal the stories:

1. Facebook M

Just by reading the title, you got to know who developed this bot. Yes, an absolute guess you made. Facebook developed this bot. This is available for only US users. This bot stays near the textbox on Messenger as the logo M.


Courtesy: Digital Trends

This M suggests sticker to add some flair to your conversation. It has a variety of other skills as well. By analyzing your conversation, M can suggest you request money from the person on the other side and even suggest to share your location, plan events and get a ride using Uber or Lyft. Isn’t it crazy?

2. Microsoft’s Little Ice (XiaoIce in Chinese)

Microsoft has put itself into heavy effort in the area of AI. And XiaoIce is Microsoft’s biggest chatbot success story ever and is one of the most technically advanced bot the AI world has ever seen. XiaoIce made her debut in China entering into a variety of social media platforms including Weibo. Weibo is a kind of platform that blends the functionality of Twitter and Facebook. By the end of 3 months from the launch, XiaoIce was able to see 50 million conversations. She had 850,000+ followers on Weibo as a top influencer at the time and had 60+ conversations per month with each person who got engaged to her.

I don’t want to hide her mistake that pushed her down. When she started speaking against the communist party, she lost most what she had earned.

Keep it aside. Let’s look at what made her popular.

Fluid, natural speech enabled by text mining: The world calls AI as a replacement to human executives. So obviously we expect that natural behaviour from AI-powered machines. XiaoIce was fantabulous in that.

Context understanding: This is a power key behind any AI. Xiaoice understands context and relations between entities.

Last but not least. XiaoIce’s this statement made her abandoned, “My China dream is moving to United States”.

3. Mitsuku

I previously wrote on this old gal. Founded in 2005, the chatterbot Mitsuku is all-in-one and her aim is just to engage and entertain users. She earned Loebner Prize twice, in 2013 and 2016. Loebner Prize is awarded to chatbots that have supreme ability to converse like humans.

The Bottom Line

Found your chatbot interest in the above bots? If yes, then absolutely you’ve got a first advantage to build a game-changing chatbot. If you’re looking to build a chatbot, it is a great matter to appreciate you. But one thing really makes difference, “the team you choose to build the bot”. Make sure you choose the right mobile app company California or chatbot development company to develop your chatbot.


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