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Building Bonds

An innovative solution to Society Management

Shifting to Gurgaon amidst the plush Condo living was like a dream cum true. The celebration hadn't subsided when came to know the nuances of it too. The most intrinsic part of one's sojourn with Condo living in a Condominium is the huge ambiguity one has to face in sorting out trouble free stay amidst various hitherto non important issues. The vastly monopolised Builder's lobby followed with vastly ambitious approach of the Residents Welfare Associations makes life difficult to live. The problem of a uniform technology platform to handle society operations have always been something non existent with most of the earlier attempts to deal with it were either handled unprofessionally or else given up under the wraps of greener pastures for the technocrats. 

When we started our Tech journey trying to hold the bull by the horn we were looking to tackle the 3C's Complexity, Challenge and Constraints associated with Society Management. We started working on a Technology platform to tackle the most important issues faced within a complex and that was to connect the main three stake holders, viz The Residents, The Facility Management Companies managing the Society and finally the Builder/RWA's. We looked at building a bond with all the three stakeholders interested. This was followed by sheer hard work and a persistent levels of learning, understanding and collating. Constraints not withstanding, the team led by the Technical Staff finally came up with just two features which were the sore point of concern for most of the Societies. 

We thus developed a Complaint/ Helpdesk Management along with a Notice Register for the residents to keep abreast with the communication chord with the Administrators.. Once that was done we just wanted to taste waters and understand the feedback to the products usability features. Gradually from a no brainer the product started to have more levels in it with Accounting, Visitor Management, Parking Management, Billing and Payment Gateway integration, it started to take shape of a beautiful and needed product. In no time Societies were showing interest to have a beeline for its deployment. 

We as a team were more innovative and wanted to penetrate most of the Societies through active marketing. From a Novice Company to a Tech a Product Company, bigger FM Companies started to take note of us. We were required to do customised work but that did not deter us from getting disillusioned because we knew it was making the product stronger. We kept on innovating on the product and started to build a Mobile App for the residents to access the product using his/ her smart phones. The challenge of revenue creation is always a situation on which a start up has to base his decision whether to go full throttle on expansion or just consolidate what was achieved and create a model out it. We did a mix of it and sooner we were realising the importance of the relevance of captive audience under our fold. Without compromising on data confidentiality we could provide loads of services to residents which even a one percentage point use by them would create a chunk of revenue creation. Thus was born a product which was easy to use and was devoid of any complexities. We realised that the success lied by its ability to get used amidst users, therefore the creation was targeted exactly to focus on that.

We have since reached few milestones but we realise that road to real success is a long way off and if we reach even 5% of the target audience, we would have done enough to Building Bonds......

To know more about us write to sourav.mukerjee@societyconnect.in


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