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Playing For Change...

Madho's Bold Step Forward

This is a story about Madho, a “bindaas” boy who I’d watched grow up in a loving family. For several years, I had seen his parents toil hard, ironing clothes and washing cars for people in the locality to earn a living, working over 16 hour days. Madho would help his father clean cars early morning before rushing off to school, come back and join them in picking and delivering ironed clothes to several houses including ours. It was the same grind each day…each month…

 I had seen his parents toil hard, ironing clothes and washing cars for people...

Madho was a class 10 student going to a school in Noida. He liked Science and dreamt of becoming an engineer. Watching Madho and his unchanging days, I sometimes asked myself, if, given the economic limitations that tied him and his family down to living only for the day to day, was it ever possible for Madho to realise his dream of going to a premium engineering college after his Class 12? This would undoubtedly open new doors of professional and economic opportunity for him, his family and his future generations.

Thinking of the admission process, each year, over 1.5 million children battle it out for a seat in one of several engineering colleges. The competition is extremely intense and Madho had to win against the competition, despite his odds.

Could He Do It?

If only…Madho could join a 2 Year Program at a top rated engineering test preparatory center immediately after Class X …that would work on him over the next 2 years…making him ready to score high in the national engineering entrance tests …it could possibly propel him into a premium engineering college after high school.

The Plan...Could Madho Do It?

Next Step - Admission to a Top Rated Preparatory Centre

With Admission to a Top Rated Preparatory Center, Madho would be exposed to

- A Top rated Faculty,

Working and learning alongside equally driven students from some of the best schools,

- A Top rated Courseware, Tutorial sessions

Overnight, Madho’s learning apparatus would undergo a sea change from the current mediocre school environment!

However, the best preparatory centres worth their name have limited seats and are extremely selective based on their own admission tests. Admission to a Top Rated Preparatory Program was not going to be so easy!

Madho had to make the cut to be accepted for admission, competing with others.

Early Failures-September 2016

Even though he was far from ready, I Enrolled Madho for an actual admission test at FIITJEE in September 2016

The Result - He was rejected and denied admission to the 2 year preparatory program.

However, Madho could now see the mountain he needed to conquer! He could also smell the vast possibilities that lay on the other side of the mountain!

He was rejected and denied admission to the 2 year preparatory program

Over the next 90 Days, we got to work. I bought Madho a set of books on Grade 10 Physics, Chemistry and Maths problems and we set about to work each evening, working our way up and gradually building concepts, memory, speed and accuracy. We were on a mission!

Over the next 90 Days, we got to work...

Success Finally! - Dec2016

In December, Madho appeared for 3 admission tests and was offered admission for the 2 Year Programs at all three centers - Vidyamandir Classes, FIITJEE and Akash Institute. He even secured a 39% scholarship at Akash!

Madho was offered admission to all the 3 centres and even a 39% scholarship!

Education - The Great Equalizer!

After the test, Madho excitedly told me that many, many people had come to the center for the test… in luxury cars, on bicycles, and some walking.

- I’m happy that Madho could sit at the centre alongside several other children from premium schools and richer backgrounds, competing and winning.

- I’m happy that Madho is now dreaming bigger beyond just passing school.

- I’m happy that Madho has cleared his first hurdle and joined a 2-Year program with a top rated preparatory center – despite his odds.

Do You Know Them?

Encouraged by the small success, I would love to take on a few other children who have a strong aptitude for Science BUT held down by similar monetary and resource challenges to help them get admission to a top rated engineering preparatory centre preferably with a scholarship.

I would provide the necessary books, practice tests admission test enrollment(s) and most importantly tutoring time & guidance, all free of cost. This would change their and their family’s future forever. If you know of them, write to me and maybe we could help another “Madho”(and the family) breakout into a higher orbit!