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What are the Symptoms of primary liver cirrhosis?


Dr. Vivek Vij

Primary biliary cirrhosis is one of the major liver diseases that cause liver failure. It is a permanent form of liver disease that affects females more than males. Diseases cause inflammation in the bile-based ducts within the liver and progresses to damage them. The diagnosis of this life-threatening disease needs urgent treatment.

A patient should undergo liver transplant at the earliest in such a case, says Dr. VivekVij – the best liver transplant surgeon in Delhi. There are four stages of this disease, the first causes inflammation in the upper right abdominal region, which progresses into fibrosis in the second stage, along with inflammation. The third stage causes formation of fibrosis, then it progress rapidly towards the fourth stage and fibrosis converts into cirrhosis of liver.

Primary biliary cirrhosis sometimes does not show any symptoms until patient goes for blood tests and routine checkups. Blood test shows degradation or failure in the liver’s ability to perform its functions. Dr. Vivek Vij is one of the finest surgeons for liver transplant in India who treats hundreds of complicated cases like this each year.

To get correctly diagnosed, a patient needs to undergo a physical exam and lab test. Your doctor may suggest you for an imaging test such as ultrasound, which shows visuals of liver and other organs. Transplant is the only treatment for PBC that can save a person’s life.

As with other forms of cirrhosis, treatment focuses on reducing symptoms, preventing and treating the complications of the disease, and preventing other conditions that may cause additional liver damage. If you suspect you might be showing symptoms of this disease, your doctor may suggest you a liver transplant surgery. Dr. Vivek Vij, the top liver transplant surgeon has the highest success rate of liver transplant in India.

Most common symptom of primary biliary cirrhosis - 

1. Fatigue (extreme tiredness): this is a most common symptom of PBC.

2. Itchy skin: It may spread to many parts of the body or affect only a single area. It may be worse at night, when in contact with fabrics, when warm, or during pregnancy

3. Dryness of the mouth and eyes.

4. Difficulty in sleeping at night and feeling very sleepy during the day.

5. Discomfort in the upper right corner of the stomach.

6. Dizziness when standing up (postural or orthostatic hypotension).


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